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What does this statement mean?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43712points) December 8th, 2014

“The Xenopeltidae are a monotypic family of snakes created for the genus Xenopeltis…..”


From this article

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It doesn’t mean that the snakes were created. It means that the grouping (this one is a family) was created, presumably because these specific species of snakes share common traits that others in that order don’t. The family was created by humans, not a deity.

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The article doesn’t say anything about humans creating the family, though.

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No, they simply expect you to be able to read it correctly.

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No need to get sarcastic, @dappled_leaves.

If a family is “created” by humans, it is for a reason, and that reason us usually listed. See Domestic cattle for example.

PS. I don’t believe in God, so whatever you were thinking, you read it wrong.

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I think you want a reason to laugh at the person who wrote the Wikipedia page (oh look, a creationist!). I don’t think you believe that snakes were created by god.

I haven’t read enough pages on Wikipedia to say whether its authors “usually list” the reason for a particular wording about taxonomy. There is no convention for the way taxonomists or systematists describe creating new taxa. By all means, change it if you think it is wrong.

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You’re not reading it correctly again. I’m not looking to laugh at any one. It didn’t even occur to me to assume the person writing it was a creationist.

It was a curious way to put it, and I wondered if anyone could explain why it was phrased that way.

I didn’t say it was right or wrong, just curious.

You sure see a lot of negativity where there is none and you consistently don’t read things correctly.

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Now now girls. Rather than a cat fight over serpents, how about a soulful blues rendition?

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@Dutchess_III “If a family is “created” by humans, it is for a reason, and that reason us usually listed. See Domestic cattle for example.”

I just re-read this – are you interpreting what I said as “humans genetically engineered this family of snakes”? That is not what I said. I said that the grouping (i.e., the category) was created by humans. Humans decided to name this group of snakes as a separate family, Xenopeltidae.

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@Dappled Leaves— Just stop, will you? The wording was odd. That’s ALL I’m saying. So quit. Please.

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Okey dokey.

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