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How do you kill/confront cattiness and maintain your temper?

Asked by Broken_EarthAngel (771points) December 11th, 2014

Im just trying to NOT LOSE MY COOL HERE!
I just feel this way, if you have anything to say about me, why not say it too me? And be done with it!

No this is not about anyone here lol

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I realized a long time ago, when people are pushing my buttons, they’re trying to get a rise out of me. So if I lose my cool, I’m letting them control my emotions. If I stay cool and calm, they usually lose it. But cattiness drives me nuts too.

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@Adirondackwannabe Some folks need a reality check.

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@Broken_EarthAngel A lot of folks do. Are they going around behind your back?

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Spit the poison back and walk away! Ignore!

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I laugh at people who try to be catty. It pisses them off. Their cattiness rolls off my back like raindrops.

Cattiness is their problem, not mine.

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Call them out directly and matter of factly before you loose your temper.
Loose your temper because that’s what you both really want.
Laugh them off.

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It depends how important the person is to me and who it is. I could just say ‘Are you annoyed with me?’. In reality though, I hate cattiness and will walk away.

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If someone is catty to me, I usually confront them and clear the air, so to speak. Nip a situation in the bud, before things get worse. I just come right out and ask the person, if or what the problem is and that opens the door for a conversation. Sometimes it does morph into a heated conversation and sometimes, we come to a mutual understanding. Either way, it makes me feel better, that I recognized a problem and attempted to rectify it.

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