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If you were to paint you very own utopia what would it look like?

Asked by Broken_EarthAngel (771points) December 11th, 2014

This can be a certain place, time period, and involve whoever you wish in your perfect World.

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It would be a place when people don’t judge based solely on first impression. Everyone has a strong sense of justice and will try their best to maintain fairness. No one is the same and everyone accepts that. There can be some crazy people too, but as long as they don’t harm anyone there is no problem.

Also people wear old-timey trend coats and hats :D

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It would take a book and get me banned.

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Is this utopia a place we visit on occasion or where we go and stay?

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@Adirondackwannabe a place where one can go to live and be worry free. But its really what you want.

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@Broken_EarthAngel Hmmm, that’s going to be a lot tougher. I have places I love to go, but I value people too much to ever be worry free. I can change the rules of life to make my utopia?

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@Adirondackwannabe Yes, its your World, make it how you wish it to be.

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@Broken_EarthAngel Okay, that’s an interesting stretch for me. I’m totally practical most of the time. But I have a great imagination. I’ll work on it. :)

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Kindergarten. Juice boxes and fresh fruit and shortbread cookies. With a warm sunbeam and a matt on the floor to take a nap on.

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A cross between Renoir and Bosch.

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A personal utopia or an entire society?

My personal one would be a cute one-bedroom cottage by the beach. Not some tacky, touristy beach, but somewhere off the beaten path. I’d have a labrador retriever and we’d go for long early morning walks. I’d spend afternoons reading on the front porch and drinking tea out of earthenware mugs and stuff. Basically spinstering it up.

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Mother Nature.

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@Mimishu1995 Trend coats or trench coats??

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@kritiper thanks for correcting me :P

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I hate to bring a dark cloud over a sunny question, but utopia must be wherever we are before entering this world/dimension. It is certainly not religion’s version of where souls hang out before being called to enter the womb. Wherever that “place” is must be utopia for me.

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hehe I can’t exactly describe that here. May have to follow me to a very dark place…

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The way things look further away when viewed through the bottom of a beer glass that you just drank…enchanting & slightly surreal.

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@Broken_EarthAngel The only way I can come up with my utopia is to fundamentally alter human psychology. Pandora gave us a shit load of flaws, that make utopia impossible. (Not the jelly).

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