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Why do people act this way?

Asked by chyna (46355points) December 16th, 2014

The house next door to me is a rental house. The people renting it have moved out this past weekend. They removed the front door and chainsawed the deck off the house and took it. It appears that the curtains are hanging half on and half off the rod.
I’ve known of this happening at other rental places and I don’t understand it. Why do people destroy other peoples property for no reason?

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Because they’re either unhappy, scared, or drunk – in my experience.

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They simply don’t give a shit,and think the owners are rich so screw them.

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They are lowlifes.

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Jesus christ, that is extreme. That is even past just destroying the place from a party and making it dirty.

Is it possible there was an underlying motive, or I guess we can just chalk it up to actual psychos? Behavior like that is unpredictable and that’s why it’s so scary.

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I hope they pay for all of it. Mind you, we don’t know the circumstances? Perhaps the landlord ripped them off, who knows? You see that a lot here with lower income groups, they wreck the joint then leave. No respect for others, no respect for themselves.

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” Why do people destroy other peoples property for no reason?”

The answer is, “Usually they don’t.”

Typically this would be done by people that feel disenfranchised by the system. The landlord either refused to fix things while they lived there, or refused return of the security deposit, even though the house had only normal wear and tear.

My answer is based on the assumption that you live in an otherwise decent neighborhood?

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This goes way beyond just ordinary laziness and neglect.

It takes rather a bit of energy to chainsaw off a deck. So, there is a lot of anger there. What prompted that anger? We don’t know. But I don’t think it’s out of line to assume a more than fair bit of anger.

Does it justify what they did? Of course not. But I’m inclined to think the landlord is not totally faultless here.

And we really don’t know the whole story here. But it’s highly doubtful they would put that much time and energy into purposeful destruction if they had been treated fairly.

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I think its because they’re cuntmuffins.

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^Cuntmuffins. Tee hee. I just learned a new word.
@orbutsbi I do live in a nice neighborhood. And the rental house is a really nice house.

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Use it wisely & it will serve you well :D

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I’ve never seen that type of thing, to that extent. I have heard stories of evil landlords, and I have heard of evil tenants. Luckily, I have never had an evil landlord, but I have always been a good tenant.

I would think if the tenant left and did major damage to the structure, like sawing off the deck, they would be liable for more than just a security deposit. There would be a lot of anger and energy involved in committing such an act.

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Because they were pissed off. They probably weren’t paying their rent and the landlord evicted them. They probably feel they hadn’t done a damn thing wrong with not paying the rent so they got even with him.

At the rental I lived in for four years, the tenants before me pulled down a concrete post that helped support the porch roof. I assume they tied it with a rope to a truck bumper. My landlord finally got around to fixing it, but before he did the kids and I made a time capsule to put in the hole it left.

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How awful. Even if the landlord was a jerk. I vote for pissed off, too, but also mentally ill in some way. It is not a normal reaction to being pissed off, you know?

When I was a kid living in an apartment building, I witnessed something similar. Our nearest neighbors, two seemingly sweet young women I’d quickly grown attached to, were served an eviction notice for not paying the rent and they went bat shit crazy.

I was about 11 years old, and went to say goodbye to them only to find them covering nearly every inch of wall in their apartment with insults, curse words and smears, ‘written’ with a thick slurry they’d concocted in a blender. Looking back on it now, I believe there may have been actual shit mixed in. They also dripped it all over the carpets. They were quite enjoying themselves, and happily explained why they were doing it. They fully believed they were the victims in this scenario, and therefore justified. I just kind of nodded and got the hell out of there. It was a defining moment for me…I knew then and there that I’d never do something like that. The apartment was completely ruined and had to be gutted.

As a landlord I’ve had some shitty tenants, and have twice had to serve eviction notices. I was as nice as I could be about it, but worried about retaliation both times. It didn’t happen. Most people don’t act like that, thank goodness!

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^^^^ Takes a special kind of stupid to be that way.

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I saw a lot of this back in 2009. My son was looking for his first house and since he didn’t make a lot of money we looked at a lot of bank repossessions. Cabinets torn out of the kitchens, carpets torn out, doors and windows torn out or removed, I even saw one with the electrical wiring torn out of the walls. People can get quite vindictive when they get evicted.

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