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Should I write a letter to Honda? Is there any point?

Asked by syz (35649points) July 12th, 2008

My family has bought Honda cars all of my life (probably 11 between us). I’ve always been a great fan, stating that I’d never buy anything else because of the reliability and economy. I sold my last one at 10 years old and 220,000 miles for $3000 and it’s still going strong. But my current ‘02 model is a piece of crap with a long list of problems. Sould I even bother?

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Sure! They might not care, but it couldn’t hurt, and might help.

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I am a first time Honda owner and I love mine. They seem pretty good about listening to problems even if a BIG company. I think you should go ahead and write it.

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I’ve written to companies twice before when I’ve had a particularly awful experience that involved me spending a lot of money and coming out disappointed. Both sent apology letters, but in the case of one, I got a phone call and £150 store card.

Go for it, you might aswell. Unless the company is a total mess (like BestBuy), they will take notice of legitimate complaints.

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Yes. Although you feel like you’re just one person, I’m sure there are many more like you, experiencing the same problem. Together, you all have a voice and you all add up.

But first, one you has to use your voice.

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Yes. Write the letter, write many letters. I had a 2 year ordeal with a Dodge that was absolute crap. I wrote many letters and made many phone calls and finally had every problem with the cars fixed to my satisfaction.

Honda will care. They make just about everything very high quality. You may need to go up further past the dealer, because most dealers don’t care one bit after the sale. is your friend.

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Yes, but I would ad to the letter that your biggest disappointment is that you can no longer go around telling everyone you come into contact with that Honda’s are great cars. Explain how much you’ve tried to remedy the problem to no avail and would like nothing more than to continue supporting and purchasing Honda’s but simply can’t with this problem unresolved. In other words, point out the loss is just more than one customer.

We have 3 Hondas that we are really pleased with. We were talking to the service manager about this and told him that we have had people stop us and ask about our newest one and we have highly recommended it, along with the dealership. He said that really meant a great deal to them to hear that, as sales have really been tough lately.

It could just be the dealership. When we bought the first of the three, we started at another dealership looking for it and got the run around, and it seemed like they could care less, as it was a seller’s market. Little did they know that we would end up buying 3 in a row from the next closest dealership because the salesman went way out of his way to find the car for us when it was really needed, and gave us a better price to boot.

We had purchased our very first Honda (we’ve had a total of 4) from the first dealership under different management. We kept getting mailings from them and finally we called, asked them to stop them because we’d purchased 3 others from another dealership.

Contact management about your problems. They may ask why it has been such a long time. For that answer that you had faith that the problems would eventually be resolved and it wasn’t. Best wishes. Sounds like you just got a lemon. Peel back a bit of the paint and see if it’s yellow.

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I think the advice of going past the dealer is a great idea.

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Seesul just made a great answer. :)

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Im a big fan of giving out, show them what for.

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plece give a latter of experience i am a studen of auto

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