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Since I got 2.0 my iPhone does a new back up every time I sync what's up?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) July 12th, 2008 from iPhone
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My iPod does that too. I believe that if you plug your iPhone into the computer and then go to “Settings” you should be able to turn “Auto Backup” or something similar off. I think it is a new feature that apple threw in with the software update.

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Same thing on my iPod Touch. But it only took about 20 seconds so I don’t mind it.

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I can’t seem to figure it out. Under sync I see the back ups listed

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It did it on mine as well. It has stopped backup now though. Just the first couple of syncs.

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should I delete the backups under preference?

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I didn’t personally touch anything. It all worked out

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Does it list multiple back-ups? Mine is only showing one. And I know that it has done the back-up thing multiple times.

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Mine has done it a couple times now too, I’ll keep an eye on it.

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I just unplugged and replugged four times. The back-up was quick. Under 30 seconds each time. And it is only making one copy for the back-up. The old one is updated (it is too fast for it to be replaced).

This seems reasonable.

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Mine is doing that also. Hasnt seemed to hurt anything though. Have you guys seen anything on being able to do a search of contacts? I cant find anything on my phone about that. Any ideas? I heard about it all over the place, but dont seem to have it.

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Searching contacts – scroll to the top of the contacts page and you’ll see a search option – it’s also on the right hand side above A (the little magnifying glass)

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I just found it. Thanks. I thought it was at the top of contacts all the time, not just at the very top. Mine still keeps backing up. It has done it five times now…..ugh. My back ups take like ten to fifteen minutes every time. My pc was just guttted and redone, and has seemed fast, but it took me probably six hours to download the upgrade as it was. I need a MAC!

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I hope you can turn it off, mine takes forever since I downloaded a bunch of apps, a few minutes each time, at least. Very annoying.

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Mine is also doing it, but it seems as though it only did a long one the first time. Subsequent ones are well under a minute. My inclination is that any backup is a good one, so I’ve been letting it go.

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I think the backups may be the apps-word is that the implementation of the apps causes a very slow install and backup; I would suggest trying to disable the apps syncing, by un-checking the box in iTunes.

When you plug in your iPod, under the tabs for syncing go to the Apps tab, and un-check the “Sync All” function.

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Wont that delete the apps from your phone if you dont sync them? As of this morning mine is still backing up ungodly slow. About a half an hour so far. Maybe I will try and see. Its not like I cant re-sync and put them back on.

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I guess the back up is part of the 2.0 firmware for the apps. I agree if you disable apps sync it won’t do a backup everytime

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…But I guess any backup is a good thing

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A once a week backup would be more reasonable, imo, if it’s going to take forever simply because one downloads applications that are new available in the same update as the constant backups are.

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