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What can I do for a tiny, painful bump on my lower inner lip?

Asked by rory (1397points) January 20th, 2015

Three or four days ago my inner lower lip started stinging a lot. It happens especially when I smile, or move my mouth so my lower lip stretches back. My lower gums look inflamed, especially that sort of connecting thing between the lip and the gum in the center. Right by that connecting thing (I don’t know the actual word for it) on my inner lower lip is a tiny white sort of bump.

It stings and hurts and I’m not quite sure what to do about it—it’s hard for me to even brush my lower teeth effectively because it hits the spot and irritates it more.

Aside from waiting, what can I do?

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Sounds like transient lingual papillitis or, as most of us call it, a lie bump. Little fuckers hurt, but they’re harmless and heal on their own.

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My mother’s fail-proof remedy: Swish warm salt water in your mouth a few times a day. Bet that’ll fix it in a few days.

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Try swishing a strong black tea in your mouth.

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If it’s herpetic, or some other sort of virus, it will heal on its own you just have to wait it out or get the medicine. If its the first time it might take two weeks. If you’ve had them before it should take less than a week to feel significatly better. If it’s a pimple you might need to pop it, but wait a few days to see if it gets better on it’s own.

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It sounds like a mouth ulcer to me, they can be very painful, especially when brushing teeth if in the wrong location. I usually use a cotton bud and dab a little tea tree oil on it. I’m sure there are dozens of home remedies for them.

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Absolutely could be a simple little ulcer.

No matter what, avoid acid foods like citrus, and don’t drink anything very hot and wait for it to heal completely before doing anything that causes friction in the area.

Some people say stress brings on some of the things named on this thread (herpes, canker sores) also a lot of friction can actually cause an ulcer, if it is an ulcer. If it happens again you might want to look for a pattern.

Also, some vitamin or mineral deficiencies can contribute to causing them. Not something I would worry about personally if it only happens this one time.

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< is a dentist. The tissue you refer to is called a “frenulum” and the condition you describe sounds like a typical chancre sore that everyone gets at some point. Salt water rinse will clear it up in two days, these are more common in younger people and adolescents. They are non-pathological. They hurt like hell, the salt water rinse will sting but relieve it very quickly.

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Is it something like a boil? Get some warm water and mix a tablespoon of salt and gargle twice a day. If you want to heal it faster you could put a pinch of salt in the area. It will hurt a lot! But in a day or two it should be gone.

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Vinegar and water will get rid of that in no time.

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