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Do you have a recipe for fish soup that uses white wine?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9701points) January 20th, 2015

OK, the white wine part is optional. If no white wine, any other good fish soup recipe will also do.


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Here is one recipe for the famous San Francisco fish stew, cioppino. I would recommend reading several and mixing and matching to your own taste.

You can use any white fish. I have successfully used cod or haddock. I have used scallops. For the fish stock I substitute clam juice. Also, I don’t use fennel (although it would be good) I use diced celery. I also season with some basil and a dash of hot sauce.

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This is my fave from the late Pierre Franey’s classic book 60-Minute Gourmet. I have used it and adulterated so many times I can’t count. I find it as pure ambrosia, and open for individual expression.
If you want the recipe I would be happy to send it your way. It does require 1 cup dry white wine – rather simple, but delicious.

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Oh, yes, @marinelife!! I had forgotten about cioppino! I don’t like fennel, so how did the celery work out as a substitute?

@Garebo Yes, is there a link to the recipe online? Thanks!

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@2davidc8 Great. There are tons of recipes online. I think cioppino is sort of a throw whatever you have it type recipe.

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