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Poll:Who makes more interceptions in one career,Linebackers or Secondary(Cornerbacks and Safeties)?

Asked by pittfan20 (141points) January 28th, 2015

I just want to here peoples opinion and start a discusion about this particular topic.

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One year it will be a safety the next year it will be a cornerback.

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I don’t know but it seems logical that secondary players would have the most opportunities to make interceptions.

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Probably depends on the offensive style of the opposing team.

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Usually the secondary.

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Mostly secondary players.

According to my brief perusal of this list, apparently safeties intercept more passes than cornerbacks do.

My guess is that because the parts of the field covered by safeties are usually less limited by the sidelines, they see more interceptable passes in their areas.

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That s at great answer @Brian1946

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