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Recommendations for "breaking in" period on a new car?

Asked by jeanm (279points) July 15th, 2007

Just bought a VW EOS. Need to know if there are limits on speed or things to keep in mind when driving a new car engine. We're about to go on a long road trip.

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I wouldn't take a long trip until the car has at least a couple of hundred miles on it. They say u shouldn't drive it hard or at a constant speed when the engine is brand new. Hope that helps!

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I read that it's best to drive at various speeds, both high and low, to settle the piston rings. Most modern engines don't require much break-in period. A thousand miles or less even.

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some city driving and some high speed driving should do it. some also recommend that the first oil and filter change be at 1000 miles

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I bought a brand new Toyota Solara in 2000. the manual said to go no more than 55 mph for the first 1,000 miles. we decided on a road tip to Tunica to gamble at the casinos there. going only 55 mph on the interstate was an adventure. thats 15 mph under the posted speed limit. we had honks, dirty looks and the finger gesture from many people. i guess i should have waited till after the 1,000 miles to venture out on the interstate. i followed the manuals instructions of 55 mph and it has paid off handsomely for me. i now have 236,000 on my car and all original parts, except the radiator. our trip was worth it, in spite of the horn honks, dirty looks, and finger gestures.

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