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Do you give a restaurant a second chance if you didn't like the meal?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19389points) February 5th, 2015

Or do you write them off, and never eat there again?

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No, fuck em.
You get one chance to tickle my taste buds & that’s it.

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Not unless someone else insists that we go there.

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Actually I used to apply for work there, because they clearly are desperate. Easy interviews and I can start on the same day. Thats how I got half of my jobs after 18 years old.

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There are variables in a decision like that. It depends very much on the nature of the offense. You can stumble into a place on a bad night (the chef or waiters are off sick, the place is packed, etc.) This is particularly true for a place in which you’ve had previous meals that were enjoyable. In fairness, there are so many opportunities for fkn up in a restaurant that even the best of venues is going to fall down once in awhile.

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Often I do give a second chance if the atmosphere and service was good and other items on the menu looked good. I especially will if the people I ate with liked their meal. That is if I am eating with others.

Two strikes and you’re out though. I’ll eat there still if someone else wants to go, but I’ll never go on my own or suggest it.

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@JLeslie I think we are close at the same, when it comes to eating out, but screw up twice and I will never darken your door again.

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Yeah a few. What makes me not return to a restaurant is if I don’t get a good deal.

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Depends what was wrong with the meal. If the food was well prepared and I just didn’t like the flavours or something of that nature, then yes, I would give them another chance. My disappointment was quite likely as much to do with my choice rather than their prowess as chefs.

If the food was poorly cooked, or unappealing because of a lack of care or skill, then it’s likely I wouldn’t go there again.

So it depends on what my complaint was with the meal. As @JLeslie said, there are times when the ambiance makes up for a less than wonderful meal.

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I like to give a restaurant one second chance. I did that recently with a new steak house in my neighborhood. The first meal was so bad I complained and got a voucher for a free meal. The second meal turned out to be even worse.

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@Pachy You mean so bad that couldn’t even kill a dead cow , type bad?

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Why wouldn’t I?

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@Blackberry I am not saying you shouldn’t , I’m asking do you?

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It depends on a lot of factors. I went to a place and had lunch. Everything was great but the main course sucked. They didn’t go to that much effort to serve something lousy. I told the waitress it sucked. She went back to the kitchen to see the chef. She came back and apologized, their supplier had changed an ingredient and they hadn’t tasted it themselves. (Big point. Always taste everything.) She gave me a free dessert and I’ve been back there a bunch, and it’s always been good. I’ve also been in places once and never again.

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Usually no. haha

Once bitten twice shy.

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Olive Garden—we usually end up with a “comp” meal (manager zeroes out the main course) and sometimes a coupon for our next visit on top of the free meal. Six out of the last seven visits three different restaurants.
Once we ended up with three appetizers; when we ordered two, only charged for two.

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Exactly, @SQUEEKY2. Exactly.

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Only if the person I went there with had an exceptionally great meal.

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I haven’t often, if ever.

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