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What's the difference between 'Latin' and 'Latino'?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28884points) February 10th, 2015

In Vermont, apparently not much.

The state of Vermont is considering a new motto – in Latin – just like the US and and many other states and cities have.

But the wise citizens of Vermont (and other areas) started a full-on fulmination about “America for Americans” and playing the nativistic anti-immigrant game.

Are people really that uneducated in Vermont?

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Obviously, there are some people in VT that ignorant. It’s funny actually. So, what do they think? The motto is Spanish not Latin? Or, that Mexicans speak Latin? It’s ridiculous.

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I just read the Facebook link and many many people on there realize the ridiculousness.

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No one accused racists of being intelligent.

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“O” I don’t know

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Is that news article seriously about Facebook comments?

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There was a Facebook link in the article.

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It’s seriously about the attempt of the schoolkid to get a new motto, but the fascinating part is the reaction from the idiots.

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This is pretty depressing, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I read “It should also be noted that Vermont has an English motto, “Freedom and Unity,””

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It’s an old Dan Quayle attempt at humor come to life.
When he was going to Latin America, he kidded that he wished he studied Latin in school, so that he could speak to them in their native tongue.
It was a joke a lot of people took seriously.

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Well, @dxs, they are united in their ignorance.

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@filmfann At least he did not try to spell it “Latinoe”!

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@rojo Very true.

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