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Can you give a ballpark figure of this man's salary?

Asked by Aster (19949points) February 10th, 2015

He is the manager of a company that sells oil drilling fluids. They employ 28 people . The company brings in $9,706,320 per year.
What do you think his salary is?

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Just a guess: A million?

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There’s no way to guess.

The company brings in $9.7 mlllion a year. Is that profit? Or is that gross income before expenses?

For all we know, they may bring in $9.7 million but have expenses of $11 million – in other words, they could be losing money hand over fist.

Then there are all sorts of other questions – how well are the employees paid? What do they pay in taxes? Is it company that is privately owned? Or are there stockholders? What are the company’s costs for health and other benefits?

We don’t have anywhere near enough information to even begin to guess.

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is in the Oil and Gas Field Services, N.E.C. industry. This company currently has approximately 75,000 to 100,000 employees and annual sales of Over $1,000,000,000.
This was on another website, obviously.

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Drilling & Boring Equipment & Supplies, Commercial & Industrial Vehicles & Machinery, Water Well Drilling & Service, Water Well, Pipe Line & Drilling Services.

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If what you said is profit after expenses I will guess anywhere from 500grand to a million.

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I think when a company lists their income they do not deduct for expenses any more than they’d list each employee’s salary.

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He may be a “dollar a year man”

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Manager, not owner, according to your details.

As manager of an approx $10 million company, I say 300 K.

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