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With the BP oil rig explosion and sinking do you believe Sarah Palin is still urging "Drill baby drill!"?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 30th, 2010

With that BP oil rig in the Gulf sinking and having the potential to be a bigger mess than the Exxon Valdez, do you think Sarah Palin will still belt out “drill baby drill” in regard to the Gulf? And does that spill show the wisdom of California not to have those rigs off our shores? Should the Coast Guard have laid booms around the rig the moment they got there?

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Haven’t heard much from Palin lately.

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I bet she was a dentist or dreamed of becoming one.

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I was thinking it would be a good title for a porno.

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Is it too early in the thread to say Vagina Nose?

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Consider, she was the governor of a state that generates much of its revenue from oil. How many miners will have to die in West Virginia before someone from that state stops saying “mine baby mine”?

Do we stop flying because a plane crashes? Do we stop driving because tens of thousands die each year in violent accidents and scores more die because of complications caused by pollution.

God damn right, drill baby drill.

Wisdom of California…there’s an oxymoron with which to begin my day.

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I’d place a good bet her attitude hasn’t changed and no bet needed as O’bama has made it clear he wants to expand off shore drilling.

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Uh, facts and evidence have no affect on Palin.

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Hey… my husband was on this rig when it was being built in Korea. Was this rig damaged badly during Katrina?

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I fail to see why anyone cares what that woman thinks any more.

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I can’t even think about this accident right now. My husband is on his way to the offshore fields in Brazil. But @birdland33 is right, they won’t stop drilling. This isn’t even the worse to have happened, as far as loss of life goes… oh… geez… Here I go thinking about it.

As for the oil spilling out, the wells have valves at the ocean floor level that are meant to be switched closed when these kinds of things happen. For some reason, they can’t seem to get this one closed. it sounds like they had just finished drilling the oil pocket (which usually does involve a great release of natural gas and in this case it blew up!) and they were sending some cement plugs down to seal the steel casing…,

Geez… when I think of the times my husband has told me he spent hours sitting in a pod in a survival suit because the gas alarm went…. OK… going to STOP thinking about this now.

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I think both liberals and conservatives are beginning to have serious doubts about expanding offshore drilling.

How about offshore wind farms? This one opened just 3 days ago

And fuel efficient cars.

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It is irrelevant what Palin says. It is only marginally relevant that CA has temporarily delayed one drilling operation. Economics will eventually drive humans to extract every drop of oil from this planet, regardless of the risk or expense. Economics will also drive humans to produce power from a variety of other sources. The primary source, for at least several decades will be nuclear.

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@UScitizen “The primary source, for at least several decades will be nuclear.” Only if wiser heads prevail. There are still a large number who would see us drain our taxes into inefficient means for the sake of political popularity.

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Oh my God, I just read about a car wreck this morning, looks like we can’t drive anymore!!

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More importantly, is Obama rethinking the opening of the coastline to drilling?

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That’s a popular theme in Alaska, the state is heavily reliant on oil revenue. Palin is not known for original thought. She’s another G.W.Bush or Dan Quayle, but without the expensive education.

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A car crash or an airplane crash, or even a mining accident pales in comparison as far as what or who is affected with an oil spill such as this. Yes they are all tragic but a car crash, airline accident or mining accident affects pretty much the family of those that have died or have been injured. An oil spill like this not only affects those that have died or have been injured but it affects many many more that was not even there. It affects the fisherman, the crabbers, shrimpers, the family of those people, as well as the environment. Most people don’t know there is a coral reef called Flower Gardens it is the northern most reef in this hemisphere and it is located not to far from the spill site. Also the Gulf of Mexico harbors some of the most endangered sea life on the planet. To compare this to a car crash is ridiculous. They are not even in the same league as far as who and what is affected,. All it takes is one big oil spill like this to wipe out millions of lives (animals and humans) not to mention lively hoods (fisherman and the lot). I’ve gone scuba diving at flower gardens and it is such a beauty and harbor some amazing life, it would be a shame to see it wiped out because of this, just anther reef down the tube. We also have alot of ridley sea turtles that make this coastline their home and this is definitely not going to be good for them. The sea is not something we should put in danger in my opinion, if we ruin the sea we ruin ourselves. I just don’t understand why we as a nation just don’t buckle down and start putting our noses to the grindstone to be the nation that forefronts the economical development and use of alternative fuel and energy. By doing this maybe we can get out of our slump we are in and be looked upon by the world as a nation that once again changed history.

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In all honesty that quote was taken out of context ! It was from a home video she shot with the pool boy ! “Drill’g Palin”

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i think it odd that we are so dependent upon detritus.

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earthduzt Thank you. 10,000 larvae if it were possible. Guess there are a lot of oil men (and women) posting to this thread or fearful they have to give up their big SUVs or maybe just plain misinformed. You can compare this to a simple jet crash or car crash that would make about as much sense as trying to equal a street flooding due to a backed up storm drain to a tsunami. I would say it show ignorance but I am not going to harp on anyone, they did themselves enough damage.

FYI This will just make us Cali people even more resolved not to have our state defiled by greedy, bungling oil corporations. While we are swimming nice clean beaches I will send you some plastic bags for the dead birds and some degreaser (if it will even work) so 3 years from now you can go back to the beach.

For those who love drilling if Palin promised you 1,000 more rigs in the Gulf you’d think of voting for her? Hey, you might be able to buy gas for $1.05 a gallenn again.

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@Hypocrisy_Central the $1.50 a gallon for gas will never happen with off shore oil as the source. First, it cost $600,000.00 per day to operate an off shore oil rig, secondly there are not enough ships and rigs to go around to even put a dent in demand let alone price. Plus the total cost per barrel to dill off shore is around $70—$80 per barrel and that is just the “cost” and we all know all too well oil companies need to make healthy profits for it’s investors. So gas prices will have to be at least $3.00/gallon to support the cost of oil from off shore drilling. Not a great campaign slogan to “drill baby drill” when people don’t really want to “pay baby pay” for the extra cost of off shore oil.

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@Hypocrisy_Central don’t count me as one of the ‘oil women’.... my husband is a technician, a engineer and doesn’t rely on the oil industry for his job. He works with navigation equipment, so he finds himself on these rigs and oil tankers from time to time. He’d rather be working on cruise liners and research vessels, I can tell you.

I live in a oil producing nation and we pay a hell of a lot more for our petrol than the US does. I wish American’s would stop complaining about the price of their petrol.

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cazzie I agree with you, Americans should stop complaining about how much it cost and figure ways to get off it or have cars that get more per gallon (which I am sure they have already but buried to keep profits up for someone). Most here care little that our gas use is virtually subsidize by the rest of the world when we drive the largest vehicles and use the most petro. Guess when you are the biggest, strongest mutha on the block you feel entitled not to have to spend as much as the whole world you are “protecting” Many nations function quite well with their 2 wheeled pedal transportation, it just might keep one in shape too.

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@Hypocrisy_Central…... biggest and strongest mutha? I heard one quote once that was fantastic. It compared America to a very large puppy with a long swishy tail coming into a room and being completely unaware that it was tipping over the furniture, knocking over and breaking things…it just kept on panting and running about the room and would look up every now and again for a pat on the head.

I’m very proud of the work my husband does and the division of the company he works for. They save lives and install and develop products that help avoid spills and accidents. ( I just wanted to add that…)

My father in law worked with alternative energy, but it had more to do with feeding the grid and not the cars. One of his last projects before he had to retire.

If anyone is as geeky as I am about these things. Science Friday just had a really excellent show about alt. energy sources in it’s second hour yesterday. You can podcast it or stream it.

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Sarah Palin shows little evidence that she has learned by experience. Why would I expect her to do so now. Since she can see Russia from her back yard, she has access to all the information she will ever need to know.

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@Dr_Lawrence Maybe they should put her in a life vest (as well as the other oilbots) and have them go water skiing through the Gulf right about now see how well they would enjoy the afternoon out.

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She probably still believes in it, but then again, she’s not exactly the sharpest drill bit in the box.

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Sarah Palin is a blow up doll, she won’t say anything until someone puffs her up and pulls her string.

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