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After the Avon perfume that came in those figural bottles in the '70's, what is the most difficult smell to remove from your skin/hands?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) February 19th, 2015

What smell/scent do you hate having on your hands, but you have a hard time neutralizing?

I’d prefer getting poo on my hand to having one of those Avon bottles leak on it.

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Chlorine from the tablets for the pool. (yes, I know I could wear gloves, but I don’t – get off my ass).

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The chemical that is used to add smell to natural gas, but it was in the clothes from a spill at a chemical plant that produced it about a half mile from where I was working.

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The handshake of someone you just sacked

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Diesel fuel—it smells far worse than gasoline and the smell lingers forever.

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@ucme get rid of our butler again did we?

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@rojo No, no, i’d only sack him if he farted while serving tea, he knows better than that.
Also, you said “again”…Carstairs has been with us from the beginning, as loyal as a puppy & he’s yet to piss on the floor.

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I got another, arm wrestling, never compete with a fat, bearded Russian women named Bert :(

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Onions after making a meal for @tinyfaery.

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Pine tree sap!
Ugh…I sat in some today, ruined my skirt…but my fanny smells nice. lol
Speaking of Avon, my mother and her Avon lady friend in the 70’s were quite the drug dealers, trading Valiums all the time.
Nice little bonus when your Avon Lady brings Valium too to go with your tea and shopping afternoon. LOL

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For some reason…I can’t imagine you in a skirt, @Coloma!

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Garlic bread. Used to work at an Italian restaurant where I’d have to spend all day painting garlic bread. It was horrible; I tried everything to get the smell off my hands but it’d still be there the next day. Nothing like rollin over up in the middle of the night and your hand goes to close to your face and the horrendous smell wakes ya up.

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