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Can a 3.5" sata hd connect to a 2.5" sata enclosure?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) February 19th, 2015

Hi, I have an old pc with 2 hd; the C: hd died last week, but the hardware is Ok; so I assume the D: hd is working. I have backups there, i need them. So I was looking the tower and thinking…

Can I hook up the 3.5” hd to a 2.5” usb enclosure?

I think it might not work because of the voltage differences; but since the 2.5” regulates itself when connected to a desktop motherboard, this posibility seems blurry, but I dont want to risk the hard drive to a malfunction due to low voltage (who knows, it might stuck, or something)

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From what I understand, the SATA data connector and power connectors are standardized, so the connectors for the 3.5” should be the same as for the 2.5”.

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Yes, the connectors are standard; I would have to dissasemble the enclosure so I can connect the enclosure’s mini-board to the 3.5” harddrive; but the thing that worries me is the voltage; I know the 2.5“hd adapts itself from the 12v delivered by the desktop motherboard to 5v (Im not sure the real voltages are, Im kind of guessing-remembering here) so It can operate; but I dont know if works the other way…

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If your enclosure does not have a external power supply you will probably be out of luck. All you will get from USB is 5V and 3.5” drive requires 12V.

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@johnpowell Ahh, but, what if I plug the data connection of the enclosure and the power connector from the motherboard? that might work… in theory…

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That should work.

And on the bright-side it will work or it will not work. But it shouldn’t damage anything.

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