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Do you have any ideas to bring back my parents back together?

Asked by kimchi (1440points) March 1st, 2015

My parents have been divorced for about seven years. I think coming together as a family would bring back much more happiness for all of us. I believe we can resolve all the issues because my parents are both very calm, loving, wise, smart people. Are there any ways that I can, as a daughter, bring them back together?

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All you can do is talk to them about your feelings. I would do it with each one individually. Then the rest is up to them if they want it. Even as a family member you don’t know what the dynamics of their marriage was and what split them apart. It’s a little hard to imagine that they would get back together after seven years. Hugs.

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Nope. You cannot get them back together, only they can get themselves back together.

Why did they divorce? And why is that reason no longer pertinent? That’s what is the crux of the situation.

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I think it’s great that your parents are lovely, calm people. That’s a credit to them. However, you mention they’re also very smart, wise and loving. I would say they thought long and hard about whether their marriage was working for them before ending it. Sometimes as much as our children would love us to be together, two wonderful people as individuals, don’t work well together as a couple.

I agree with @janbb. Let them know individually how you’re feeling but listen to their responses and accept them. They know what’s best for them and if they’re both wonderful parents and they’re respectful of each other and caring of you, then perhaps its better for them to be apart and happy than together and unhappy.

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No. Their relationship ended for a reason. I get that you wish for family was together, but they’d still be together if they made each other happy. Their issues likely run deeper than you realize. People don’t generally get divorced on a whim.

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What drove them apart? You find that out?, and a solution to that, you may have a ghost of a chance.

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They’d both have to want it and they’d both have to be willing to work at it . Your opinion counts but there’s more involved than that. There may be things that occurred that you are not aware of. It’s very hard to judge other people’s relationships because only the both of them know what went on. You can talk to both of them individually, which someone else suggested, but if I were you, I would not get my hopes up.

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I’m sorry about it.
I agree with @janbb. However, I think you shouldn’t disagree with your parents fully. Maybe they had a reason, like @livelaughlove21 said. They might like their life now better when they lived together. Well, it is up to your choice, but if I was you, I would just not go too positive.

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You can express your wish, but your parents’ marriage is between them.

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Watch the movie “The Parent Trap”. Then forget it, because that only happens in movies, and even if you could somehow manipulate your parents into getting back together, it wouldn’t be your place to do so. ^marinelife is right.

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