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How do I update a Word form that originated in Excel without losing...

Asked by redhen4 (520points) March 6th, 2015

I don’t know the name for what I need.

I have drop down menus and check boxes in my form. I needed to change some options in the drop down, specifically, delete and add an e-mail address.

Once I changed/updated the drop down menu I lost the ability to have a drop down menu. I also lost the ability to have check boxes.

I had started to recreate it all from scratch, but have no idea how to create a drop down menu/box. X boxes I can make, but don’t know how to do the other.

Any advice, or suggestion where I go online to help me solve this issue?

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Can you reimport it to excel and try and make the changes there? I think you would need to create it from scratch back in excel too.

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I am in process of recreating it in excel.

Don’t know how to create drop down menu though.

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There are loads of tutorials – it does depend on which version of excel you are using so you need to google carefully eg ‘excel 2007 drop down list’. is usually quite good for this sort of thing

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