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Deleted files not visible in Recyle Bin?

Asked by chatnoir (156points) July 14th, 2008

I’m a mac person who works on a PC at work, Windows. I pdf’d this huge complicated report then wanted to delete the freehand files I created to build the report and inadvertantly deleted the report and it is not visible in the Recycle Bin. Ohhhhh Noooooo

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its gone i’m sorry to say.
Many companies set the delete function to do an equivalent of emptying the trash straight away rather than doing it manually. So sorry partner but its gone. You could try running some software to recover it and your company might make backups of the drives every night so talk to your companies tech person but if not your rather screwed.

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Try this or similar data recovery software.

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What’s the point of deleting something if it’s still sitting in the depths somewhere to be recovered? Doesn’t that take up space and memory and stuff?

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@shrubbery – when you delete something without using special software, windows and other operating systems just change the first bit in the data so that all the programs know that this space can now be overwritten. so, it’s not really taking up space in the same sense that you are thinking, but the data is still there.

at least that’s how I remember it from my computer science classes in college 10 years ago.

bottom line, nothing ever gets truly deleted without special software.

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Not on Linux/BSD/Unix. Only NTFS-Windows are so foolish.

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