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Are you suffering from any condition that NO amount of medication ever helps you deal with?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) March 15th, 2015

No matter how much you take, the condition simply will not budge. Hypertension? Diabetes? Intestinal issues? Does your medication work like a charm or make no difference?

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I was like that for over 5 years and finally found a medication by accident. It was horribly stressful, depressing, and I wound up with what I call PTSD when dealing with doctors. I call it PTSD, I haven’t actually been diagnosed with that. For another 3 years I still suffered greatly, because once in a great while I would try the med again, it was magical, and then once I stopped all the symptoms came back.

I won’t go into the long story, I have told it before. More stressful than if the doctors had said I don’t know how to treat was the doctors not even recognizing I actually was sick. Or, some believed I was in pain but suggested treatments over and over again that did not make sense or had already proven to fail. I finally found a few doctors who agreed with me and helped me. I eventually had a surgery that basically proved/supported what I had said all along!

I still have some lingering problems, but I am not in pain daily. I used to cry in my office sometimes at work from the pain. It has affected my marriage, mostly because it was a GYN problem and affected our sex life.

In my mind I have not been the person I was meant to be, or that I am in my soul, because of this illness.

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Astral traveling though time. Pills don’t help.

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Medication stopped helping my ulcerative colitis, so I got my colon removed. My colon is definitely not ulcerated now.

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None of the medications I took for anxiety and depression seemed to do much. I was just prescribed a new med but I don’t feel like giving it a chance.

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Anxiety, depression, migraines, and the occasional seizure. It’s tricky to medicate as usually whatever mitigates one will amplify another. I managed fine for a few years, but it finally got to where I cannot work and have some difficulty with daily living. I’d be totally screwed if not for having an awesome wife.

I am currently still playing medication roulette, and they have yet to find the right mix. I no longer wake up with headaches so bad I can’t do anything other than curl up in a ball and cry, so the meds are working somewhat, but I’m still rather twitchy, extremely sensitive to sound, and prone to some pretty drastic mood swings.

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Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. Meds and therapy certainly have helped me manage it, but not enough. Some days are I am really pretty functional and others I am barely able to get out of bed.

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Yes. Many.
But I’ll add that I often suffer from the condition of wishing that medication can help me with my conditions. This condition can be the most uncomfortable.

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