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What are your favorite product improvements of late?

Asked by breedmitch (12141points) July 15th, 2008

So, maybe I’m a little corny, but I love it when a product we’ve all known and loved for years gets an update. A few years back, the single serving packages of Saltines (like what comes with chili at a diner) got a re-design. Well, the package did. The seam down the back was relocated from the middle of the package to just along the edge, making opening your crackers a tidy, efficient procedure.
3M has a new line of bandages that I’m ga-ga for. They blow mom’s old Band-Aids (even their new similar product) out of the water.

What are some other product improvements you have noticed?

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Wow. You pay so much more attention to that sort of stuff than I do.

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Yeah, I’m a little crazy.

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I hate the redesign of product packaging. I rely on the way the package looks to grab it quickly. With new logos and such, it adds to my shopping time.

I’m with Syz; I am soo not that observant.

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I don’t know how I lived without soda fridge-packs. Or soup-can pop-off lids!

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I love the resealable stock that comes in rectangular cardboard boxes. So nice for small households.

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I love how Mayonaise isn’t in an annoying jar anymore, but in those handy squeeze out bottles. Also I like how the splenda packets come in different forms.

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@TheHaight And have nice sayings on them!

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Yes! The nice sayings too. : )

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I think canned food having ring-pulls added was a great bonus, though my local supermarket still doesn’t add them to all the cheap tins I buy…

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I also like how Innocent Smoothies cartons say ‘Stop Looking at my Bottom’ on the underneath!

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I like the zipper re-sealable shreaded cheese they have now.

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Gmail’s constant improvements.

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