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Iphone incoming call screen?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) July 16th, 2008

so all you iphone users probably know what the incoming call screen looks like on an iphone. the problem is that i like it like this and most of my contacts show up as my wallpaper when they call. i know that this is because their photos have been added from the iphone instead of from my computer. is there a way to change it so that they all show up small and use my wallpaper as the background on an incoming call

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Transfer the photos to computer. Edit the contact in the program that you use (Outlook or Mac equivalent) replacing the image of the person with the one you transfered from the iphone. Connect to iTunes, sync and hopefully you will have little pics again.

Hope thats clear. and yes it is annoying with wallpaper photos as the user interface sits right in front of the persons face so you can’t see them.

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so ur saying if i edit the contact in address book and resave it there it will change on the phone? what if i am using mobile me for contacts?

yeah exactly, and i think it looks so much cleaner with a small contact pic.

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Dont know about mobileme but it worked for me using Outlook.

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If you’re using MobileMe, they should be in Address Book also.

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yeah can i simply edit the picture, cus i tried it in address book and its still showing sullscreen on my phone. i even manually synced mobileme, so it should have sent it to and then to my iphone

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Maybe crop the image slightly in Preview, then edit in Address Book?

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I had the same grudge against the large wallpaper faces staring down at me. This is how I fixed it:

Connect iPhoto with your phone and delete the originals (the ones on your phone) after importing them. Now make a new album and drag all the photo’s you like to have on your phone in the new album. Sync this album like you do normally through iTunes. Because your photo’s are now in a new album you can still use them to view them but callers are now displayed with the small pictures that are stored in your contacts-list.

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