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Who is one or are some of the most dangerous people that you've personally encountered?

Asked by Brian1946 (27213points) April 20th, 2015

If I remember correctly, a jelly once said she sat down and conversed with an acquaintance that she later learned was a serial murderer.

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My ex-wife. The only actual malicious and vindictive person I’ve encountered.

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In my past social relationships appear two convicted distributors of child pornography, one convicted murderer, one step brother who should have been convicted of murder but was mysteriously let go, and a former pastor who was convicted of using his dead parishioners’ identities to make money in some shitty ponzi scheme. He’s still a pastor, just not my pastor.

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I knew a guy who’d been inside for armed robbery and was very much a tough guy. However, I didn’t know this when I met him and he was always lovely to me and I never felt unsafe with him.

Worse were the two men a friend introduced me to. They both gave me the chills and I told her I didn’t feel comfortable around them. One of them tried to rape her at a later time.

Worst for me I think, have been the workplace bullies (or assasins). Those nasty people who seek to cause you harm from behind the scenes. Smile to your face, stab you in the back from behind.

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An armed, bipolar (former) employer. Although it might be a tie with the PTSD suffering ex-con boyfriend of a (former) employer who shot a man 7 times and liked to hang out at work with his gun.

(Gee, I wonder why I think sensible gun control laws would be a good thing?)

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1.) A friend since kindergarten. In high school, he got into alcohol and possibly drugs and ended up dropping out. He’s been in and out of jail since then. About ten years ago, I got in touch with him through his father. He would call me collect, and we’d chat. One time when he wasn’t in jail and I was visiting the hometown, I took him out to lunch. A quick internet search says that he’s back in jail.

2.) A former college professor for the Religion class I took was arrested two years ago for two counts of child molestation. The guy was 92 at the time of his arrest. He died several months later, and there hasn’t been any additional reports posted on what happened with the case.

3.) One night after my shift as a hotel desk clerk, I went down into the parking garage to get the car. Two guys were there rummaging around in a car. They asked if I needed any assistance. I said, ‘No’, and high-tailed it back to the lobby. All cars were parked by the bellmen (except for the employees’), and they didn’t work there. The police showed up, but the men were gone. Unfortunately, my car, being locked, had a hole punched in the driver’s door so they could get inside.

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My father. We got in a real knock down, drag out fist fight one night and in a moment when I had my guard down, he sucker punched me in the nose. Broke it, too. There was blood all over the floor and 4 feet up the walls!

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I was a classmate of a delusional member of a Mafia-like organization which used religion as a way to brainwash people into fighting the goverment “for God”. He tried to brainwash me into joining the organization. At that time I was curious and didn’t understand how dangerous it was, so I pretended to follow everything he said in order to penetrate the organization. I was given phone numbers of various members, and I even got to see the leader! Thanks God now I lost contact of all of them.

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I don’t know if this counts. My exboyrfiend’s cousin’s exhusband murdered his girlfriend, who had recently left him (also a cousin of my boyfriend’s family). At the same time he also shot her new boyfriend 4 times, but he lived. I used to see him at family things, he was always very nice to me. He is in prison now. People were glad he was put in prison and not shipped back to his country. I was young at the time, in my teens, and didn’t fully comprehend why keeping him in America was important to people.

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I volunteered at a Sheriff’s homeless shelter/halfway house as a medications nurse for a few weekends a couple of years ago. There were 400 men there. Among other clients, we would get people who had spent more than a decade in Florida’s most brutal prisons for their part in violent felonies. Some of these guys—by no means all, or even the majority of them—were absolute fucking animals by the time they got out and the skills they were forced to adopt in order to survive inside were precisely opposite of those required to get along on the outside and many of these poor sons of bitches weren’t intelligent enough to realize that, or just too angry, or too weak to make the adjustment. These men were eventually going to hurt somebody and end up doing life and neither they nor the state could do anything about it, or just didn’t care. They had become institutionalized, brutalized every day for more than a decade, they had adapted to and survived a brutal system.

If I saw one these guys coming at me aggressively anywhere at anytime, I’d shoot first and take my chances in court. These mutherfuckers were mean and dangerous, absolutely ruined, but the rules dictated that they had to be released from custody. This is the best reason for prison reform—if not for the sake of humane treatment of the felon, then for the safety of the innocents in our society when these felons are released.

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on the upside, in Florida you can totally get away with shooting first, as long as you are a white man and didn’t leave them alive to argue about it.

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Several drunk and drugged up people who came into the store late at night after a round of drugs and liquor. A few minutes later six police cars came to take that group away after they started a fight with a Subway Restaurant clerk across the street. I served them minutes before, as they came in for cigarettes.

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I once had a friend who was schizophrenic. When he went off his medication he was convinced that I was the worst human ever.Thought I had connections with the CIA etc. etc. Well one day he attacked me…. now I’m not so willing to befriend skitzos. No matter how nice or fun they can be.

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Just to inform you that just because one person is like that one does not need to paint the entire group as such.
There are different types of schizophrenic’s, some are passive and gentle.
Also consider the meds that these people are placed on for years to discover the right doses,types,and less side effects. Until the right ones are found out that worek better for each type of person theat person goes through ‘hell’ until it is finally working to their best for that person.
Look up the History of mental illness…it is disgusting and inhumane as to how innocent people were subjected to inhumane treatments. Just saw the movie the Changling…that should give you more insight as well as to what went on in institutions.Give these people some slack as they are fighting on so many levels and in pain. Some act out, but this is the meds reaction.

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@Inspired_2write I understand completely. A response I expected..That’s how this person became a good friend of mine totally… because I had an open mind. Lets say after a busted skull and 2 concussions I will tread more softly. If anyone understands schizophrenia, I do. Doesn’t mean I have to be so P.C. and put myself in danger again…. I don’t hate… I understand. Not like it’s the most reasonable or mental illnesses. My friend was kind and gentle. I’m not hating.

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@junglegirl I understand that there are violent people mentally ill or not and those are the ones too avoid.
People who have violent tendancies and anger issues , unless they are not addressed, will continue on hurting themselves and others.

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