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How are you celebrating World Penguin Day?

Asked by Blondesjon (33974points) April 25th, 2015

yes, it is a thing

I was thinking a book and then maybe an onion bagel with a nice schmear.

How about you, Fluther?

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Well, funny you should ask. First I’m flipping and then I’m flopping and then I’ll go sit on an egg and eat some fish.

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@janbb I thought it was the male of the species that sat on the eggs.
As for me, I am watching kung fu films.

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I am eating one at this very moment.

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@filmfann They take turns sitting on the eggs and going off fishing for food.

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@ragingloli . . . Isn’t it hard keeping their little legs apart?

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Does it taste like chicken? REAL chicken-of-the-sea??

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More like dinosaur.

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I’ve already had sex with 3 penguins.

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@janbb Congratulations on the world wide celebration of your ethnic holiday!

ragingloli's avatar

You tell me. You seem to have much more experience in that field.

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I’m watching my favourite penguin video

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@flutherother That’s just sad.

Here is another Penguin video.

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I’m lurving this Me-Day Party.

@flutherother So that’s what happened to my next!

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Edit: “Nest” not “next.” Can swim but typing – not so much.

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Fuck penguins, never trust a bird that can’t fly, same with dogs with no tail.

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I throw my flippers in the air sometimes!
Singing “Aaay-ooo, I’m a pen-guin O!”

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Going over to @janbb to celebrate. Taking some snow flavored ice cream and iced drinks and going to celebrate happy feet style!

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@ZEPHYRA We be dancin’.

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By rolling my head around in all directions.

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Providing food for the family just as a female should.

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Happy world Penguin day! ( Here @janbb I have a bucket of Herring just for you. )

I, however, am celebrating Peacock rape day.

We have 2 male peacocks that have wandered onto the ranch here in the last few weeks and they are driving us insane. They are, obviously, in dire need of spring time Peacock sexual release and clearly they are not, even slightly, gay. lol
This morning we heard a commotion in the chicken yard and looked out to see one of the Peacocks forcibly raping one of our barred rock hens. Seriously…the poor hen was flattened on the ground while the Peacock held her head down with his beak and proceeded to scar her for life. lol

Poor thing, she needed medical treatment for numerous abrasions with some antibiotic ointment. I am not happy with this crazy Peacock rapist invasion here.

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By going to @janbb‘s place and join the party. Also bring my stuffed penguin with me.

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@Mimishu1995 Both of you are welcome!

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tough love eh?

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I’ll be flopping around in my very own new tub in a second, celebrating with a raw mackerel. Happy Penguin Day, @janbb!

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I’ve had an emu burger. It was excellent. Maybe a penguin burger to celebrate the day?

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Are they (you) edible?

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Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott thought so!

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And they’re dead! That’ll teach ‘em!

stanleybmanly's avatar

@janbb. Yes but for them wasn’t it a matter of “you or them”?

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I was thinking along more commercial lines like penguin & chips, Koala burgers or Panda chops.

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