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What are your favorite recipes using garlic?

Asked by Kardamom (32972points) April 26th, 2015

About a month ago, I decided to make some pickled carrot slaw for a vegetarian version of a Vietnamese Bánh Mì sandwich. I made a simple, but delicious, carrot slaw by shredding a carrot into long strands with a julienne slicer, chopping up a clove of garlic, and covering the mixture with rice vinegar overnight. The result was sublime.

Since then, I’ve been adding the garlic/vinegar mixture to a mason jar and adding cauliflower florets, sweet red pepper slices, fresh jalapeño slices, and diced carrots, and golden beets. I’ve been adding these yummy pickled garlic veggies to my meals every day. I’m sure my breath reeks, but I don’t care. Love me some garlic!

What are your favorite recipes using garlic?

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My favorite food to alleviate a winter cold is chicken soup with lots of garlic.


Start with whatever chicken soup you like – homemade, Campbell’s, plain chicken broth, Mrs. Grass – whatever, put some chicken soup in a pan.

Mince a lot of garlic, four to ten cloves.

Boil the soup with the garlic.

Eat the soup hot!

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See my recipie for greens

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Everything is better with garlic.

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All of them.

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@Uasal Well maybe not pumpking pie Lol.

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Hummus is just so nice. I love it.

There is a pizza chain here in the UK called Pizza Express and it does the most amazingly delicious doughballs. Garlic heaven!

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One of my favorites is to roast a whole head of garlic in a slow oven. The serve it with goat cheese on slices of French or Italian bread as a spread.

The roasting sweetens the garlic and intensifies its nutty flavor

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Never have been a fan of garlic… Bluh.

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The bread and walnut recipe is heaven. Just make sure you don’t go anywhere after that because people will run a mile. Also go easy on it.

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@ZEPHYRA OMG! I have had skordalia and I almost had an out of body experience (or rather out of mouth) it was so good, and yes, you don’t want to breathe on anyone after you’ve eaten it.

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