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In the next two decades what types of things will people be able to create with a 3D printer?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) April 26th, 2015

I had seen them in Popular Science and other tech magazines, but the other day watching a news blurb some teenage gal was creating things she invented using a 3D printer to manufacture some of the small parts. The parts she was creating were small uncomplicated parts what did not have gears, hinges, or had to move in general, but what types of things will future 3D printers have ability to print? Will they have the ability to create simple complex items, highly complex items, items in material other than plastic, what will they be able to create?

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Car parts.

Hell, maybe they will even be able to make a vagina for Bruce Jenner. lol

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Dildoes, single use guns, figurines.

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That’s hard to say since we already are able to print so many things. You can download a car and we’ve had SLA (StereoLithogrAphy) technology for a couple of decades; an SLA can print parts with aerospace precision. That includes pre-assembled things

We also already have the ability to use materials other than plastics, though plastic printers are the most commercially viable, especially amongst hobbyists. I mean, a MakerBot costs a few hundred dollars whereas a good SLA machine will run at least a few thousand and likely far more.

And that’s just what we have as of last year off of the top of my head. With so much capability already, it truly is hard to see what we can add to that… other than cost-effectiveness. See, the real revolution of 3D printing is that some of it can be done at home with moderate skill and very modest investment; a MakerBot costs less than a flatscreen TV or gaming console. So it’s less about what tech we have than about how we can deploy it.

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I have a feeling there will be a significant amount of replicated antiques & other counterfeit valuables flooding the market.

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@cheebdragon Anti-counterfeiting technology will also progress though. And we already have a thriving market in “reproduced” antiques; are you familiar with Steampunk at all?

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Human organs transplantation
It helps to get understand the mechanism of complex things easily
and It will used in defense research program to develop more killer machines with better working efficiency in all condition.

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@ragingloli – the 3d printed dildo market is alive and well on Etsy. I saw a Tardis recently.

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@jerv I worked at an antique auction for several years and I’ve seen thousands of counterfeit items that looked legit.

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Everything. Don’t underestimate the present of 3d printing. I know there must be already made taffy dildo’s that fire bullets that fit together to make a home on wheels. It’s done already. In 2 decade everything will be 3d printed.

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Houses are being 3D printed in China.

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@cheebdragon And you never got better at detecting them? Didn’t learn any new tricks, techniques, or tests?

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The “Plaster Casters” will have to upgrade and possible rename themselves “The Pecker Printers.”

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@jerv If you have the time to carefully inspect the items for authenticity, sure, but that’s not always possible at auctions, only employees are allowed to handle any & all items until the sale is complete and the buyer has the receipt in hand. My boss was a major asshole and that was his #1 rule.
It’s too much of a risk to let 100s of people manhandle each item.

Technology has been evolving for detecting drugs also and it’s had fuck-all of an impact on the amount of drugs available, it’s easier to find drugs today than at any point in the last 40 years.
Criminals will always be one step ahead.

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Divorced people would be able to fashion there own personal 3D humanoid type thing.
Be able to build a relationship, of sorts, that even they couldn’t possibly fail at.

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@thorninmud Houses are being 3D printed in China.
I wonder how they will get the plumbing and electrical in there, make it also as they go?

General thought would it not be easier to clone body parts, preferably from the person themselves to have a perfect match? What material would you use to make a human organ that will mesh seamlessly with the body?

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One of the most heartwarming things I saw recently was a child who received the coolest looking functional prosthetic hand (made from primary colors and 3-D printed in plastic) very affordable. This was in sharp contrast to the hundred thousand dollar typical cost.

Now he went from feeling ashamed and being teased to being the envy of the playground as his classmates all gathered around to see his cool-looking space age hand.

And if I remember correctly, someone has posted the computer code instructions on the net so that anyone with a printer can make it for anyone in need.

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There’s a whole lot more than just one or two kids with 3D printed hands.

There’s a website connecting those needing affordable prosthetic hands and volunteers to help accomplish that. Really amazing. Check out this website.

Apparently, there’s also a TED Talk about it. I haven’t seen it yet but am going to check it out now.

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