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Have you ever lost sleep while listening to new music?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) April 28th, 2015

thanks for the new tunes @Blondesjon.

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Definitely. I’ve found myself lying awake at 5am because of it, and even then I’m reluctant to stop listening.

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Well I stay awake because I want to listen to it, so yeah.

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Not recently. I get carried away looking up genealogy and find myself awake at all hours but not music, not anymore.

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Many times!

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Yes. Also new reading material. And something about the “I love this but I hate what it is doing to me” is also weirdly satisfying. You know you’re on to something good if you can’t even control how you consume it.

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A new sound pattern that your brain doesn’t recognize will always stir interest in your mind and wake you up. Even though you might get carried away by a repetitive pattern in music and fall asleep to it, a sudden change in that pattern will immediately wake you up. That’s the natural defense mechanism of your body. Without recognizing odd sounds, we wouldn’t be able to protect ourselves from potential problems around us. Moreover, if you like the new music you hear, it’s a high chance that this is the reason why you find it more difficult to fall asleep on it, just as in the case of an interesting movie or book that catches your attention. I personally recommend playing white noise instead of music before sleep. In my case, Sleep Automatic did the job, but it’s ultimately your choice. Hope I helped!

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