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Another brilliant lawsuit filed in Nebraska - what is with those people? God is being sued for causing natural disasters. My question: Where do they serve legal papers?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28879points) May 6th, 2015

Are Nebraskans batshit crazy?

Fox News reports link that a Nebraska State senator is suing God for causing natural disasters.

Think this one has a chance?


- where are the legal papers delivered to?
– who is the defense lawyer?
– what’s the defense going to be?
– How would an injunction work?
– What’s the penalty if the disasters don’t stop?
– Has the statute of limitations been exceeded on most of the past disasters?

I used to think that California was the land of the nuts, but Nebraska has jumped way ahead.

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Only in eeh-merry-ka
Works as both a statement of fact & a valid answer to the question.

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I guess the bats are flying big time in Nebraska. Maybe they want to be part of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals?

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California was the land of the crazies long ago, but has been surpassed by Texas and South Carolina.

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On Mount Ararat.

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It is my understanding that God is Super-natural.
Thus God has no material connection to the natural (which I always thought was what Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were for).
So even if you could serve him the papers, God would have no standing, physical or legal, in a natural court.

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It’s that damned fluoride in the water. It makes people crazy.

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@Jaxk You think that too?? So maybe I’m not crazy to think that!

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They must be over dosing on their inhalers. Making themselves crazy.

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Well, if the bible were correct, then god would be guilty, by its own admission. (Isaiah 45:7)

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@kritiper – It depends on how much water you drink. You can be right and still be crazy.

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And he is a Democrat I only thought Republicans were that kind of crazy, No offence @Jaxk

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@SQUEEKY2 – No offense taken. It just shows that crazy knows no ideology.

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Oh, I so want to say something about this, but I won’t

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