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Does your outlandish social life keep you on the road shopping and chatting?

Asked by Aster (19949points) May 13th, 2015

My daughter tells me, “I like lots of friends.” Well, that’s very nice and I’m glad for her but her life is, to me, insane. She is in her car most of the day, everyday, taking her kids over to friends’ houses, to guitar and piano lessons, to school, picking them up from school, buying gifts for: girlfriends, her three sisters in law, their husbands, her mother in law and her husband plus all her girlfriends. Then, the sisters in law keep having babies so she buys them gifts which keeps her shopping also. Luckily, she’s in top notch condition. Do you live like this? I have one friend; the other two passed away and the one I have is actually forty five minutes away so I never see her. We just talk on the phone. My bigger stash of friends all live back in my hometown over a thousand miles away. My mother had one girlfriend who lived close and that’s all she needed. She either pulled a trick on my dad or was sincere when she said , “I don’t drive” and she did not drive one inch until I was sixteen!

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We are assuming your daughter is not complaining, and enjoys the life she is living.

We assume you are not complaining and enjoy the life you are living.

Chacun a son gout!

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I have a sister just like this. I don’t understand it either. She’s not even happy with it. I’ve tried to talk to her about it, but she doesn’t get it. She doesn’t understand that no matter what, she will be this busy. She tries to claim it’s cuz of this or that, but…She makes herself this busy.

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If she is happy and fulfilled that is great. To me, the hermit type, that sounds like the way a normal, active person should be living. I admire such people but cannot manage such a lifestyle. Nice to see not everyone is made for the monastery.

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I’m in the middle. I don’t have kids, so I don’t deal with taking children places, but for myself I like to get together with friends a few times a month. Lately that doesn’t happen, but I’m in a weird time of flux. Mostly, I like to be home with my husband, who happens to be one of best friends.

I do admit to wishing I lived in a condominium building or in close proximity to my closest friends so we could drop in on each other all the time like back in the dorm college days. Condo preferable so I can be in my pajamas. LOL.

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No but I am old and settled and my social life does not involve huge numbers of “friends” and get-togethers.

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It’s true she doesn’t complain. She isn’t that type. In fact, she jokes about it sometimes . I forgot to add another activity: each month she makes, from scratch, hundreds of cupcakes that she puts into jars and, for three days, braves the heat in an enormous trade show selling those jars of delight. She puts them in Mason jars topped by a lid and a ribbon. She’s doing so well that her husband just bought her an enormous deep freeze, upright, so she can make some ahead of time. She is determined to keep those kids in a private, Christian school. Well, that’s what it is!
Did I mention she is also a personal trainer at a gym part time?

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It sounds like between hustling around, buying gifts and shopping, she also works hard with the trade shows and the cupcakes. More power to her! If she can afford the shopping, she has the energy to go to parties and the time and energy to work, it’s great.

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