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How does an employer verify that an online degree is actually legitimate (read details in link)?

Asked by jca (36062points) May 18th, 2015

Pakistani company charged with reaping millions for fake diplomas.

How does an employer or anybody else prove that a diploma is legit, if it’s from an online university?

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Well that “soaring the sky of excellence” thing is surely a dead giveaway to anyone paying attention.

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Well, they don’t bother since the resume is generally tossed right in the trash.

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GQ! Awaiting some GAs.

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@johnpowell is right. What employer would bother with a candidate from “Pie in the Sky U”?

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So, are NONE of the online degrees worth anything, is there no legit university?

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Opening the on-line school’s webpage would be a great first start.
I skipped over *Axact’s HS programs and started opening the colleges. It’s apparent that the schools do not have English as a first language (or the ambition to appear so) from the outset.
If the main page contains English language errors, I wouldn’t count the ‘degree’ for spit.

I think The University of Phoenix is gaining traction daily, @ZEPHYRA, as are others.

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Well, an HR person Ought to be aware of the school on a resume or else verify its existence. South Harmon Institute of Technology sounded good but it wasn’t accredited. If you haven’t heard of it, check its accreditation.

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Online or otherwise, HR departments should check out any institution they don’t know about regardless of where in the world they university/college is situated. These days there are so many different private institutions and they aren’t all equal and yes, some are bogus.

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It isn’t just knowing if a school is accredited. You can (as a employer) call up the school to make sure the person graduated when they said they did with the degree they say they have.

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