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Does gastritis go away on its own?

Asked by kimchi (1440points) May 22nd, 2015

Lately I have been under so much stress. As a result, I’ve had chest, back, and stomach pain, along with a lot of burping and indigestion. The symptoms I have look like gastritis. However, I am wondering if it will go away on its own. Will it?

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Well, you might start taking an OTC antacid. But don’t take it for any longer than 14 days cause it can do bad things.

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Or – you could talk to a doctor.

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I had the same problem and an endoscopy showed I had slight gastritis. My surgeon told me it was minimal and I’d feel better by eating small meals and eliminating certain foods and beverages.

Coffee, nicotine, carbonated beverages, fried foods, alcohol and chocolate are the worst for the condition. I gave up coffee (I drank up to six cups a day for decades) and I feel amazingly better.

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Sorry – I didn’t mean that to sound as snarky as it probably did.

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That’s like asking “I’ve got this cough. Will it leave by itself?” You don’t need us to tell you that the penguin’s succinct answer is where the smart money would go. Only you can decide on the urgency of the solution. Consider whether this has happened to you in stressful times past. If worrying about the condition only adds to your stress, the bird’s advice becomes paramount.

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For years people prone to ulcers were told they have to handle stress better and drink milk, and then some scientists figured out most ulcer suffers have an infection causing the ulcer.

Eat mild foods like oatmeal, non acidic fruits, cooked vegetables, plenty of water and avoid sugar and see if you feel better.

Constipation a can cause pain up in the upper digestive track, so if you have been constipated consider that as a possibility.

Is your pain shortly after eating mostly towards the left behind the breast? That’s like stomach. Or, extremely painful towards the right? That’s likely gall bladder. Or, is it in the center of your chest moving up towards your throat and jaw? Acid reflux.

If you see signs of anemia, tired all the time, tongue, lips, and conjunctiva look pale, or your tongue hurts, see a doctor.

Not a bad idea to see a doctor if it doesn’t go away with antacids or change of diet. If it is intensely painful and on the right side, that should be seen by a doctor so you can get an ultrasound.

Also, if you are short of breath or very nauseas that can be an emergency. Women and some men feel nauseas and have pain in their chest and jaw when they have heart attacks. It doesn’t sound like the case, but everyone should know those symptoms.

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It usually blows over.

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Does it @Blondesjon? That’s good to know.

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