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What is so odd about odd numbers?

Asked by ahro0703 (376points) May 23rd, 2015

Are they just named odd, of are they really odd?
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They never get in pairs. So they lack evenness, and that IS odd.

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If you are a very special odd number, they call you Prime. I like 163. The only even prime number is 2 and that, to me, makes 2 a very odd number indeed.

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As you cannot make pairs, there is always one whatever left over that is part of neither half; the odd one out.

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Odd has ancient origins meaning something that sticks out, much like we would say conspicuous

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3 never changes his underwear, and voted for W (twice !! ).
5 only bathes in January
7 (shit…..don’t get me STARTED on 7)
9 is “No” in German

…...and you ask are they “really odd”.....( pshhht…I mean, come ON….)

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