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Do you think the Cavs have a chance against the Warriors without Irving?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) June 5th, 2015

Just a stupid dumbass question to lighten it up a bit. It’s a stupid NBA final, but just throw out your thoughts if you want to.

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The cleveland lebrons are going to be tough. Go warriors. Warriors have more player diversity/versatility

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They have a chance to be sure. But I am not as certain about the Cavs winning the show without Irving.
I hope Irving does not get hustled onto the court unless he is squared away. I understand the nature of professional sports, but an injured pro is still a human being.
Without Irving and Love, they are a one man team. Tough to beat the Warriors even if you have the best player in the world. If the Cavs take it, LeBron will be the ultimate supreme immortal.

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He’s going for surgery, no return.

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no, i do not think that chavs have any chance even surviving against battle hardened warriors.
switchblades against swords and axes? no contest.

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Why is it stupid because it’s sport? Very strange comment.
I mean, it’s basketball which is a fucking dumb sport, but still.

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Forget basketball.

The real sport to be watching this week is the NHL finals between Tampa Bay and Chicago.

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@elbanditoroso Hahahahahaha, funny.
Give me the Champions League Final Juventus v Barcelona & the Canadian GP.

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