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What's your favorite salsa/hot sauce recipe or commercial brand?

Asked by Kardamom (31948points) March 5th, 2015

I love salsa and hot sauce. I eat it almost every day. I like to try different kinds of salsa and hot sauce on a regular basis, rather than eating the same exact kind every time.

I like my salsa and hot sauce to range from mild to medium hot. Anything hotter than a serrano pepper is too hot for my taste, so habaƱeros are not on my menu, nor are ghost chilies, scorpion chilies or anything like that, so try to keep that in mind. I like to keep things in and under the 2,500 to 5,000 Scoville range.

I love chilies, and/or tomatoes, and/or fruit in my salsas, so anything with those items is a good choice. I like both cooked and raw salsas.

The way the Q is worded kind of suggests Mexican-style recipes, but I also enjoy other ethnic cuisines, so if you have a good Thai, Vietnamese, or Korean sauce, I’d appreciate that too.

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I actually love Taco Bell’s hot sauce packets, but I also enjoy fresh made salsas of different kinds.

One of my favorite bottled sauces is Ring of Fire. I also like Tabasco brand Chipotle hot sauce, as well as Herdez Green Salsa, and Trader Joe’s Red and Green salsas.

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I don’t like chunky salsa at all and most of them on the market today are, and proudly boast about it on the label.

I love Tostitos brand restaurant style medium heat. They also make a great chipotle if you like that flavor.

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Try Sriracha sauce. I like to put it on anything that needs a bit of a kick.

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My favorite is a mango habanero sauce that my husband makes with habaneros from our garden. I won’t give you the recipe since it’s too hot for you. :)

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Cholula Chipotle is about the only hot sauce I eat regularly. It’s great in mayo-based salads (like your macaroni salad) and ads a little zip to most savory foods.
Heaven in a good creamy ‘Krab’ salad.

I don’t eat breakfast as a rule, but I especially love hot sauce on eggs and fried potatoes. (Of course, catchup worls, too!)

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For something different I like Cackalaky Original it has sweet potatoes in it

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I don’t care for salsa, but my favorite hot sauce brands are Tabasco (original), and a brand called Starnes (which is only available in a certain small region or online).

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I really enjoy sprinkling the juice from a jar of jalapeno peppers on some foods. I will not eat the peppers, however.

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