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Have you ever used the Magic 8 Ball to make an important decision for you? How did it turn out?

Asked by happiNESS (138points) July 18th, 2008
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I’m here ain’t I?

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Nope. Important decisions should be made through logic and reasoning, not random choice.

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Yes. But I tend to do exactly what the 8 ball says not to do…

That’s kind of how I do things, I ask someone if I should A or B and them saying B makes me realize I really wanted A. Ah the stubborn qualities of a woman!

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Well, I don’t know about an important decision but I’m really hoping it was right when it said that I would pass my maths exam…

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Ask again later.

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I used to. I dropped mine and it broke. Very sad…

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Better not tell you now

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It wasn’t magic 8 ball, but a young lady and I flipped a coin to determine if we should move in together.

We had a mutual friend who needed a place to stay, invited him to stay with us. I moved out, he ended up physically abusing her and her kids, and then suddenly left town.

No more coin flips for important decisions!

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