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Why are there 2 search boxes on the Fluther homepage now?

Asked by jballou (2113points) July 18th, 2008

From a UI standpoint, I think it’s a little cluttered and confusing, especially considering they have the exact same functionality. What’s the deal?

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Well the top one seems to fit in quite smoothly with the UI and is accessible from the go as it’s just there on every page, so it’s a common feature. If you notice, on the front page when you click one of the two tabs (All/Just For You) the page ‘scrolls’ so that the top bar is now no longer visible, you have maximum visibility of the questions and the search bar is still at the top, at least of where you are on the page. I don’t think it’s cluttered although maybe it’d be nicer if they replace the button for something like the magnifying glass :)

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2 > 1

But I agree.

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Weren’t they always there?
I’m confused now!

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Oh thank God someone else said it. I would have put money that there was always two search boxes as well.

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Where is the second one? I only see one.

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There have always been two. ^_^

@Marina one in the top right corner and one on the same bar as “Browse” when your looking at the main page with all the questions.

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Oh, gotcha. I don’t look at that page much. I check the questions, but don’t stay at the bar level.

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I never noticed there were two before now either.

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