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Could this be true? California's drought is caused by ... legal abortions?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28848points) June 15th, 2015

You have to love the right wing – they’re internally consistent even though they’re totally nuts.

The latest theory behind the drought in California – God’s wrath at California for allowing legal abortions!!


Why is it that California (seemingly more than any other state) has such wackos?

(And on a theological note: Why would god make everyone suffer for the abortions of a small minority?)

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I saw the story over the weekend. But it also made me wonder who voted for this nutjob.

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If I were to run against this person for office, would I stand a chance?

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I’d vote for you.

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Only if it’s raining, @dxs

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Please stop! I can take no more of this. What are they high on?

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Haha, it’s like that British girl arrested in Malaysia for getting her tits out on a “sacred” mountain.
Some fucked up govt official prick actually blamed her for causing a minor earthquake, so furious were the gods at the sight of her twin peaks, have a word, man.

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It explains a lot. Texas is being punished with torrential floods for trying to ban abortions and ban same sex marriage.

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@ucme I heard about that. What a load of anal evacuation. I can hack that people will believe all sorts of weird stuff, but when they act on it is what scares me. This world is so much more unstable than I seem to realize, when one’s boobs are blamed for natural disasters.
Have a word indeed.

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@Symbeline Yeah, the girl spent 3 days in jail & was fined a grand.
So her tits are valued at £500 each, not bad for non implants :D

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That’s just fucking outrageous. Her tits DID NOT cause an earthquake. That she is being accused of causing it makes me completely sick.

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She got deported over the weekend, had planned moving on with her friends to vietnam & singapore, not anymore. Forced to go before the press & apologise for her “disgraceful” actions, no quake admission though, funny dat.

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Eh…so they didn’t make her mention the quake?

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If they did, she ignored it, said something about lacking respect for the culture, yada yada.

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Politics and religion in one question?! No thanks.

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These are the only Republicans we still have in the state. The smarter ones have boned-out. No room for them here.

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Where do I stop laughing??

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Maybe because the supposedly sane people are way too wicked….......

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