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Have you ever Skyped with a prison inmate?

Asked by Here2_4 (7142points) June 17th, 2015

Another jelly brought this up in TJBM. It made me curious. Have you ever skyped or kept regular contact with a prison inmate through any social media? If you have, was it someone you knew, or someone you hooked up with after they were already incarcerated?
If you never have, is it something you would consider?

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I haven’t; are you offering? ;-o

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What do you mean; are you in prison?

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No, but I do have a cell phone. ;-)

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What? Prisons provide wifi?

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My cell had a phone, which I was given for good behavior upon my release. ;-p

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How long are you allowed to talk? I’m sure your prison did that because it has some Mafia connection ~

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A school friend since the age of six ended up in jail several times. One time, we were both in our hometown at the same time, and I took him out to lunch. After that, he ended up back in jail and would call me collect just to talk.

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I did not know they would put someone in jail if they are only six years old.

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They don’t have access to the Internet. Haha. Some prisons have their own closed circuit video chat system, it’s really expensive. They are not allowed to access social media. Sometimes they have family and friends do it for them which is a violation. My brother is doing a long stretch he used to call me.

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No. No, I wouldn’t.

I used to correspond by mail with a friend’s brother who, when his mom asked me to bring him candy and I had to provide my address, started writing to me. That was when I was about 18.

Now, no, unless I knew the person beforehand, I wouldn’t start any kind of correspondence with a stranger.

I feel like I don’t want to get too friendly with someone who might have shady connections and who may learn my comings and goings, and target me for some crime. Even if it’s just a tiny chance, why take it.

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People in prison don’t have access to the internet in Australia. I’ve certainly never come across any who can and I do have reason to interact with people in prison on occasions.

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Hell no, I have no desire to fraternize with incarcerated people. Sorry, call me arrogant but I only associate with non-criminal people, so far anyway, unless someone I know has a body in their backyard or a secret bank robbing hobby. haha

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