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Can a Website be 100% Bootstrap?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) June 30th, 2015

Hi, I’m new to bootstrap, so Im reading everything I can to build a website for a project. But, as everything, I find that there’s no way to write a 100% pure bootstrap site, maybe people patch in solutions their own way, maybe there’s no ‘iron’ how-to guidelines, or maybe the system isn’t thought to be used to write a 100% pure bootstrap code. I’m guessing here.

So, Im approaching my bootstrap theme development this way:
1.- when I OK the design, the next step is build a bootstrap hardcoded mockup as much alike the design, so I can test the behaviors, etc;
2.- then add or modify the css to fit the design;
3.-and the last step is to integrate it to the WP theme with all the code and smooth out all the problems that may arise.

I’m a self tought designer and developer, so my formation is not strictly clean, but for I’ve looked around about using bootstrap, I think I might be on a “good” path… Am I right?

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By “bootstrap”, do you mean hand-coding some HTML as a prototype, or are you talking about a product like

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@zaku yes, using and THEN correct it to get it closer and closer to the design, as I pointed before

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Ok. I’m not familiar with Bootstrap and what it creates, or how one uses it with WP (WordPress?) themes, so I don’t know for sure, but I imagine it depends a lot on what sort of site you’re trying to build – particularly what functionality you want your site to have.

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