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Any idea why a border won't show up in firefox?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 7th, 2009

So the border of certain element’s won’t show up on firefox. The border’s are 1px solid. The color changes on hover. Here’s the Example. The menu items on the side are supposed to display a border but they don’t. It works fine in other browsers. Any idea why?

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The colors of the border are white (top & bottom) and almost-white (right). When I view your page in FireFox, there’s a giant white box in the center of the page. The almost-white border on the right of each element shows up fine. Obviously the white-border on the white-background of the box isn’t going to show up.

Your problem is not the border. It’s why is FireFox giving you a giant white box in the middle of the screen.

I would suggest installing the Developer Extension for Firefox, to analyze exactly how Firefox is interpreting your markup.

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I’m pretty sure the border is being overlapped. You have more than one element contributing to that gray border on the right of the links, so it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s happening (disabling every single one I could find hasn’t gotten rid of the bar, so there are other elements with a border there). There is another element with a gray border covering up your navigation elements’ borders with a higher z-index. Perhaps a floated element?

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I looked at it with firebug and the borders above and below are there they are just white. When I changed the bottom to #000000 it was black and showed up.

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Works perfect in Safari. Of course IE7 just bonks on it.

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@robmandu – Thanks. I see what it is supposed to do.

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Thanks all. Any idea why it won’t show up on the hover state then?

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not so far

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Man, I walked through it with Firebug, turned some lines on and off, changed colors I can’t find why it isn’t working.

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Thanks all for taking a look. So apparently both Firefox and IE don’t allow the hover property unless it’s a link (an “a” element).

Anyway’s I fixed it. If you are interested in seeing what it looks like,have a look here

Now if i could only figure out how to use jquery to have the next and previous buttons to work

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@mirza – SHIT man I am sorry. I just finished that to. I should have caught that. Well, that is my lack of experience.

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