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Is there a limit to how much lurve you can collect?

Asked by bestbroseph (335points) July 8th, 2015

Is there a cap on lurve and had anyone ever reached it?

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Maybe, maybe not. But so far the highest lurves recorded is more than 50k.

So my guess is there is no limit.

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They’ve been creating new awards to accommodate jellies who reach new record highs of lurve, so I would assume there is no limit. I would also guess there’s an asymptote, though. It’s harder to accrue lurve the longer you’re a member, so there has to be some natural upper limit, even if it’s only enforced by lifespan. ;)

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There is supposedly a 100 lurve limit you can give anyone, if that is true, they seem to be maxing each other out patting themselves on the back lately. I wonder if they even thought anyone would be here to achieve more than 50k lurve, I know I won’t.

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I get by with a little lurve from my friends.

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I get high with a little lurve from my friends. :) You can give a new jelly 20 GA’s and their score goes up. After that your maxed out.

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I need lurve with a little help from my friends. ;)

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All together now… All you need is lurve…

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There must be a larvae cap, but no one’s ever gonna reach that. especially not with Fluther’s “generous” larvae nature haha :p

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Larvae cap? Oh man, I don’t want to have to metamorph.

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Yeah, a hat shaped like a giant, curled up larvae. Or…just a hat full of maggots on it. XD

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Laughs, Oh that is gross. So bad just before dinner.

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^ Yeah, you wish. One, if that was the case I would go along with all this iniquity and prostitute myself to get patted on the back, two, I will be gone from this redacted long before I get close to 30k; but don’t order the champagne just yet…..

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If HC had lurve envy we wouldn’t even recognize him lol.

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