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Is it a bad time to stop sniffing glue? The movie "Airplane" turnes 35.

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) July 10th, 2015

I can’t access video at this time, or I would link to the nun dragging her guitar over the heads of the passengers.

So many hilarious moments from this movie.

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The scary thing is that some of the planes that we fly in every day are even older than that movie.

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Looks like this was.

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When they brought the little boy into the cockpit.

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Surely, everyone has a fond memory from this classic film – which, I might add, produced a sequel that was equally funny.

And yes, that’s a setup. Don’t disappoint me.

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Yes, @dappled_leaves There was that third film, that was less than funny.

My favorite part? Nice beaver!

This movie also resulted in Police Squad, which lead to The Naked Gun movies, which of course brought OJ Simpson into our hearts.

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For me, nothing tops this exchange between one of the flight attendants & the doctor:
Attendant: “surely it isn’t that serious.”
Doctor: “Yes, I’m afraid it is. And please stop calling me Shirley.” (Said in a perfectly deadpan voice, of course.)

Also, the inflatable autopilot was simply over the top.

Is it too late to quit sniffing glue? No.

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The Shirley lines were awesome, as was the autopilot.

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