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How come we have invented eco-friendly grocery bags, but yet not eco-friendly trash bags?

Asked by PoiPoi (274points) July 19th, 2008

Has anybody read or seen an article or news story about this recently? If not, why hasn’t anyone invented it yet? My family still uses the leftover plastic grocery bags as trash bags. I’m trying to find out if there’s such a thing anywhere reported on the news, newspapers, and internet. Can you give an answer here, please? Anyone?

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Good question. If we just carried our trash cans, sans bags, to the bins where they are picked up, our home trash cans would be gross, and when the trash was emptied, it would be strewn all over. It seems easiest, and most sanitary, to keep the waste enclosed some way.

Again. Good question.

My question is, why do we not have biodegradable bags and boxes anyway?

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If the eco-friendly grocery bags you are talking about are the ones I’m thinking of, then those bags that we shop with are made out of recycled products and are meant to be reused, you don’t expect us to get the bags we use to throw away with back from Waste Management do you?

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Actually, they do, Here are some made from corn and biodegradable. They have both Tall Kitchen Garbage bags and Lawn & Leaf Bags.

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Thank you soo much Marina.

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One thing to consider is that things do no biodegrade in landfills, so although it seems like a good environmental choice to get biodegradable trash bags, you are better of just using them for compost if you have that available to you and save yourself the extra cash. The same goes for the biodegradable foodware that is becoming popular. It’s a great choice for people who are actually going to compost it, but doesnt really make a difference otherwise….

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@emilyrose good point!

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i also use the grocery bags as trash bags:)

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Not only do they make biodegradable trash bags of every shape and size, but they make eco-friendly cleaners for every imaginable task. If you are really interested you should pick up a book on green cleaning.

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wouldn’t it be better to reuse rather than send to landfil anyway

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