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Can you help me find the perfect reusable shopping bag?

Asked by augustlan (47711points) September 24th, 2010

Things I’m looking for in a shopping bag:

* Big and strong enough for groceries
* Stands up on its own
* Easy to fold/store
* Long, over-the-shoulder straps
* Easy to clean
* Relatively attractive

It also needs to be affordable, as I’d like to buy several of them. This bag seems to meet all of my requirements but I’d rather not be a walking advertisement for The Container Store (or any other store, for that matter). A small name or logo would be ok, but it shouldn’t be the main focus of the bag.

Does the bag of my dreams exist? Can you point me to it?

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Hmm…besides the over the shoulder strap, we got this new thing here about using reusable grocery bags, due to environmental reasons. They cost like 89 cents and are sold at the grocery stores. They’re tough, classy and carry lots. Otherwise, you pay five cents for a plastic bag. It’s very encouraged to get the new ones.

They’re pretty cool though, and besides the strap, they’re everything you’re looking for. I suppose that must not go down where you live then…I’d recommend hemp bags, thing is, most are usually not big enough for any badass grocery lugging.
I know this doesn’t really help, but I think you should ask your grocery place if they have a program like that, or might be planning one soon?

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Can you just find a creative way to cover the logo? I hate logo’s since I refuse to pay for something and be used as a billboard.

But for two bucks a bag that seems like a good gamble. Mail them to Dog and have her paint over the crap. She works for wine.

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I know has some cool, sturdy items like this. AND they’re handmade! Look for ones made out of old rice bags…last forever.

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@Symbeline Our grocery stores do sell the reusable bags, but the handles are too short. I really need the long handles. :(

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Sorry. I go for .99$ rather than perfect. You might want to just check out each of the grocery stores in your area. At least where I am, each store, each chain has reusable bags for sale that vary in style quality and design from store to store for sale from .99$ to 1.99$ and 1.99$ is rare. Does it really have to be perfect? :-)

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@lillycoyote Not perfect, and I may just have to go w/ @johnpowell‘s suggestion. The most important issues for me are that it is strong/big, has long handles, and stands up on its own.

Edit: I mean, ideally, it would be perfect. If such a bag doesn’t exist, I’ll make do. :)

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I’ll paint you up a pretty one, too! Contessssst!

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@augustlan :: I will also art one up for you. I promise not use cured meats on this project. I learned that lesson the hard way. I was thinking of covering it in book covers and not pastrami.

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Look around for canvas bags, or make your own.
Military surplus places might have what you’re looking for, too.
Fox Outdoor Products has a bunch of nifty bags (they made my last three backpacks).

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Baggu bags look awesome. The wallet-size will help me remember to friggin bring it to the store.

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And you can also design your own – even by handle length at this site.

Hm. Not sure about the second site now. :-/ It might only be for businesses. I think I’m too sleepy to figure it out right now.

Edit, again: Well, shit. Both of them might only be for businesses. SIGH. Sorry.

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@DrasticDreamer That might be the perfect option! I hope I don’t have to buy 200 of them. :p

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Also, I just moved my question to Social, just so I can say: @johnpowell But, but… what if I wanted a pastrami bag? ;)

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@augustlan I just clicked on their “shop” button, and you can definitely buy less than 200. :D I saw some that were big, and long-handled, but they were like 10 bags for $10. Something like that.

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Whoa.. The site you linked to has a physical store in Portland. I might order a bag and pick one up. I was worried that shipping would be six bucks. If I can get it for two bucks that is awesome.

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Yay, my answer doesn’t suck after all! :)

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Maybe I could grab six of them and send them off to jellies to make fancy and then they could send them to you.

I suck at mailing things. Maybe I could send them to another person that has a car and a post office that is close. I will just buy them and only mail once.

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(I also screen print, should you like his idea.)

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@DD… When you say “screen print” do you mean that you can make tee-shirts? If you can I might need your services if you want to make some extra cash.

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@johnpowell I can do those, too, yeah.

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@DrasticDreamer Wal-Mart and a bunch of local stores carry some of those bags. They’ve grown rather popular.

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@DrasticDreamer :: I will keep that in mind. We might have some work flowing in your direction.

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@johnpowell That would be great, being a poor college student and all! :)

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These meet most of your qualifications, I have a bunch of them mostly because we used to sell them. They are much more biodegradable than the green ones. By the way, I was just watching a show that says they are worse than the plastic ones they are to replace because they too are plastic and while being slightly stronger, last a little longer but when they are no longer serviceable they don’t ever biodegrade. You know if we stopped making plastic bags and bottles there would be enough petroleum so that we wouldn’t run out for a couple of million years.

That is why I like the pretty cloth bags that I linked above!

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PS, I like these too.

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@DrasticDreamer and @augustlan : I’d buy Dr J bags! You should look into that…

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The absolute best grocery bags come from IKEA. There’s this and there are some that they sell out of the bins near the front of the store that are either an black/red or green/yellow geometric pattern or a small white-on-solid pattern. I have been using the same bags for 3 years now, and they still look great. They have a 10 gallon capacity. A bag holds the equivalent of 10 plastic grocery bags’ worth of food. They are deep enough that they hold a loaf of french bread on end and protect most of the loaf.

I have 6 in my car at all times, plus 2 in the house and 2 at work. My daughter has used them as luggage on car trips. I think I’ve purchased about 100 of these over the last three years and given them away to people who have asked where they came from.

I also keep an IKEA blue bag in the trunk as well – it’s great for hauling home larger packages of paper products.

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@BarnacleBill I really like the look of those black and white ones. Are the handles long enough to carry from your shoulder?

Oh, bummer. The nearest Ikea to me is probably about two hours away, and you can’t buy them online.

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This one might work.

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They are not long enough to cary over your shoulder, although the ones on the big blue IKEA bags are.

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