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Do you ever have questions or answers that vanish?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) July 20th, 2015

They aren’t moderated away. They just never show up after you type them. I had two answers that never showed up on the question after I posted them. I also had one answer that never posted after I clicked the final thing on it to send it out.

None of these things were moderated. They just never made it onto the site at all.

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I’ve had that happen but always assumed i had forgotten to click “answer” and gone off somewhere else.

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I thought the same thing, but I just had an answer vanish as SOON as I clicked “answer” and I checked.. it was gone.

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I thought I had one do that the other day…but I’m also not 100% positive that I actually submitted it.

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That just happened to me with a question I asked the other day. It just disappeared into the ether. When I never saw it come back to editing, I just reposted it.

It has also happened to me with answers occasionally.

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It happens to me sometimes, but I again, I’m not sure if it died in edit when I got up to do something, or went to that great thread in the sky.

It is wierd!

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It’s weird that you guys keep mentioning the word weird. I had a Q pushed back for editing like, a million times, until some nice mod pointed out that I had spelled “weird” “wierd.” In fact, I think the question was “Is it wierd the word weird breaks the i-before-e-except-after-c rule?”

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A couple of times, I’ve written an answer that seemed to go to the wrong question. I’m not sure if it was really my error, or some odd bug with going back and forth between questions.

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Yes and it turns out that I accidentally hit exit instead of hitting ask fluther below. Or forget to hit answer before continuing. When using a touch screen, sometimes I didn’t check to make sure that it went through before hitting exit.
You should wait to see if it says thank you at the top of the screen, saying you question or answer has been posted. Oh, actually it only does that for questions.

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This happens to me enough that I always copy any lengthy reply to the clipboard before submitting.

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It may have something to do with the touch screen. That’s the only time it happens.

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It doesn’t happen to me. But it would happen so frequently on websites back in the day that I still employ @johnpowell‘s technique of copying my lengthy responses and questions to the clipboard prior to submitting. I also had a Firefox extension many years ago that did this for me. I think it may have actually stored textarea text in text files automatically.

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No, but I can see through some of the stuff that’s posted here.

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The only time that’s happened me—a couple of times, I think—was when I couldn’t find someone else’s question that I had seen just moments earlier. That made me crazy.

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It happened a lot more frequently in the past. Nowadays, things are so “blagh” that nothing merits the honor.

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