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What kind of butterflies are in your neck of the woods?

Asked by Berserker (33548points) July 20th, 2015

It is of my personal opinion that butterflies kick ass.
So what kind of butterflies have you observed near your house, yard, or anywhere really? What did they look like? How big were they? And if you know the kind, what was it? Nocturnal ones count too, of course.
Just a summery little question, gangsta.

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Only the ones in my stomach when looking for work.

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I haven’t seen any around my place, but yesterday I was just eight miles north and they were fluttering around. I didn’t get a close enough look to see the species. Not monarchs or tiger swallowtails, I can recognize those from a distance.

Also, the cicadas were really loud, and I don’t have those in my neighborhood, either.

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What color were they?

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I think they were orange-ish but smaller than monarchs. It was dusk, I could be wrong.

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The only ones I see any more are tiger swallowtails and even those are becoming less common. The large number of butterflies of my youth are no more. The Eastern population of Monarch butterflies has declined by 90%, which is why I’ve been raising and planting milkweed. But so far, no monarchs to feed and lay eggs on the waiting plants.

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We get Monarchs, tons of milk weed, swallowtails, cabbage moths, and some little nocturnal asshole that bit me in the leg.

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The butterflies are not in my neck. They are in my stomach.

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I only ever see them white ones, flapping around like they’re drunk.

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I’m trying to give @Espiritus_Corvus some lurve and…it’s not working. Can someone give him some, does it work on your end or is it my device? Bloody weird. O_o

@ucme Do you mean this?

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@Symbeline Must be on your end.

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Heh, wow…now he has one lurve and I can’t click on it, it acts like I already gave him some. It worked fine on everyone else though, except him. Ok…moving on, I guess.

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@Symbeline I believe I do, my son just informed me they’re also called Cabbage White.

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Yeah, I looked up the French name as I didn’t know the English one, but I was pretty sure it was that cabbage one. Most common butterfly ever.

There are also yellow ones. Not sure if it’s the same type with color variation, female/male difference or another type in the same family.

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We used to have a pub called the Argus Butterfly, changed ownership & name now, the sign outside had a mahoosive butterfly on, not sure if there is one with that name, probably.

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Looked it up, seems to be an actual butterfly. First page was some site, butterflies of the UK. Thing is I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these in Canada.

Looked up that pub too, seems to be called The Tree of York Road now. if I looked up the right thing

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Jesus Fookin Christ, the interwebz is bloody amazing!!
Yeah, that’s the one, used to have a snooker suite opened by the late Bill Werbeniuk canadian pro snooker player at the time, he was very fat & had a medical condition that meant he drank something like 50 pints of beer a day :D

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