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In French, where is the end of a title or the name of an organization etc.

Asked by flo (13313points) July 21st, 2015

The first word is capitalized, but not the rest of the words. How do you know the last word of the title of an article for example, or name of anything?

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French has very specific typographic conventions for titles. Titles of artistic works (e.g. stories, films, paintings and poems) and of volumes (e.g. magazines and books) are italicized. Titles of articles and other non-artistic works are not italicized, but begin and end with guillemets.

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So that satirical publication that got attacked would be written Charlie Hebdo. But would the Eiffel Tower always be written as <<Tour d’Eiffel>>?

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In English the first letters are capitalized, no exception,no confsion.

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@flo Can you give us some examples which confused you so that we can understand what you mean? There are some answers here but some examples to pick over would be good – we can try to work out what the rules are.

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Right now I can’t think of an article, @Stinley. I will though as soon as I come across one.

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