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Where to stay in the Boston area?

Asked by SeattleSysAdmin (112points) August 19th, 2015

I am relocating to Boston, MA for a new job with Pioneer Investments. I am having a really hard time finding a place to live since I am not there. So I ask you, where can I find a hotel that wont break the bank. I don’t care if I have to take a subway in to city center (no bus or commuter rail). I need a place for a week or two so that I can actually go find a place to live. I have tried reaching out on AIRBNB also but I am not getting any responses.

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There are motel suites along the Rte 128 corridor near Waltham, Mass. that are quite comfortable and not over-priced. It isn’t hard to get into Boston from there. I think we stayed at a Sunshine Suites but there are others. Well equipped with a little kitchen, etc.

I have used AirBnb quite a lot when traveling and had pretty good results but I have also read some horror stories. When you say you have reached out, do you mean you tried to book something and the host hasn’t responded?

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Yes they do not respond or they decline my request. I am not sure why I am a verified member although I have never used the service before.

Is Waltham is there is T subway line there? I do not wish to drive.

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You’d have to research that; it’s been a while since I stayed there. If not there, you might find something in that area that is near the T. Rte 128 is the techie corridor so there should be a lot of temp places to stay there.

AirBnb can be quirky.

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You can book automatically on airbnb if you choose a listing with a lightning bolt next to it.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have any personal suggestions, but I know there are a few hotels by the Quincy Adams T stop (red line, 25 minutes to DTX). I also Googled it and there’s a Motel 6 by the Braintree stop, but that’s even further away. Lastly, there are a few hotels not too far from the airport that must have shuttles taking you to the airport, which has a T stop.

What you can do is go to Boston on Google Maps and search “hotels.” Then, look to see if any are nearby a T stop. The T stops are marked with a circled, uppercase T on the map. If you’re having trouble with this, the MBTA also gives you an interactive street map of the whole subway system.

You can’t get to Boston by the subway from Waltham or anything on Route 128, but you can check to see if they have frequent shuttle services that will get you there. One tip about the subway system: the Green line is very slow, pretty much as slow as a bus. Its trolley cars are old, it runs alongside traffic and has stoplights, etc. The Silver Line is also a subway wannabe—it’s a bus that has pimped out bus stops/announcements and occasionally goes underground-but it’s still kinda slow.

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I was just talking to someone who stayed on Newbury Street in Boston. it is a sort of boutique village resort town within Boston. There are little shops and ice cream shops and brownstones. I’m not sure what hotel she stayed in but this place looks pretty cool. She really loved the location. She lives in Manhattan and is well traveled.
Sorry but I misread your question. I didn’t realize you were looking for a living place. That would have to be a bit off the beaten track to be affordable.

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