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Those of you from outside the US, but have travelled here: what is your impression of our hotels?

Asked by JLeslie (65330points) March 22nd, 2011

I’m thinking moderately priced hotels, because I assume 5 star elite hotels are similar around the world, but feel free to comment on any of the lodging available in America. Are the hotels a better value for the money than your country? Better service? Anything that you found unusual or surprising? It can be a comment on anything regarding your stay including restaurants at hotels, service, towels, beds, etc.

Let us know what country, or region of the world you are from.

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Higher quality and professionalism all-round but I did doubt the sincerity of most of the staff in Florida. The lines they used did not seem genuine but rehearsed.
Im from Australia ‘missing you already’ :D

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I haven’t stayed in a hotel in the US for a while, but I see no difference between US and Canadian hotels, aside from the prevalence of outdoor pools in the US. It’s much less common here.

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@Seelix US 1, Canada 0 ;P

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@SeaTurtle Just so I’m clear, a lack of sincerity is a bad thing, right?

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I’m from the US but I noticed that the rooms are a lot smaller in Europe and even in high end hotels they do a lot of pushing 2 twin beds together if younwant a king or queen You rarely see twin beds in the US.

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I thought the prices were reasonable as was the standard. To be honest, I didn’t notice a great deal of difference between the less expensive hotels here in the UK and the less expensive hotels in the States.

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I was very impressed by the high standards of even modestly priced American hotels. The rooms are big in comparison with Europe, well equipped and very efficiently run. On the downside they can be a bit soulless but they are good value. I never stayed in a family run hotel in the United States but I suppose such places still exist?

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@flutherother We’d call them “inns” or “bread and breakfasts”. They’re the ones with the souls. Course, I prefer the large hotels, because I have less than zero interest in making small talk over homemade scones and jam with other B&Bers.

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When we drove across Canada and came back through the U.S. I found that the hotels in the U.S. were cleaner, sorry to say. We stayed in one non-chain hotel in North Dakota that was awesome for both service and cleanliness.

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Whoops, wrong thread.

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I’m from Canada and my wife is from the USA. We always look for owner-operated motels. In such hotels/motels the owners pay the staff better and expect them to provide better guest services. We find we get the best value in such places.

Refurbished older hotels often provide excellent accommodations at reasonable prices, especially in the quieter periods of the year.

Hotels owned and operated by some East Indian entrepreneurs have frequently provided poor service and less pleasant stays.

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