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API/SDK, do the developers get profit?

Asked by yowza (6points) July 21st, 2008

From iPhone to Facebook to Firefox apps, do the developers get money on a monthly basis for creating apps for them? Or do they split revenue with the websites?

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the developers of the SDK ? or the people that use it to create new app’s ?

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He (maybe She?) is referring to all these free apps that are on platforms like Facebook, and the iPhone.

Some of the apps on the iPhone cost money, the developer of that app gets around 90% of the price paid for the app, Apple gets the other 10% (I think…)
As for Facebook apps, they’re primarily created by people just for the heck of it, to get their name out there, to do something. They don’t cost money, but some of them do pay the developer in the form of advertising.

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ya i mean the DEVELOPERS who create those random apps for iphone/facebook/etc. do they get half of the profit that apple gets for making iphone apps, or $100 bucks or something?

is there a website where i can read about it? if anyone knows, thatd be great. thx!! you guys are awesome.

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